8 Steps to Discover Your True Self

8 Steps to Discover Your True Self

That connecting with our inner self may sound a bit strange and meaningless, but it’s just as real as allowing you to experience a state of peace and harmony that you surely do not feel.

Simply connecting with that side of us that has been so forgotten by the constant concern, external factors and third parties. Its goal is to remind us who we are, not that the best version of us strives to be good, kind, tolerant … we already are! It is only liberating ourselves from those barriers we have built that do not allow the true ‘I’ to come out.

To achieve this we share 8 easy steps to return to your center:


Recognize where you are right now.

How to Discover Your True Self

Make peace with your present, stop worrying because you failed to reach your goal. Just sit quietly, breathe, push away all the expectations you have about the now and allow a few minutes of peace in your life. The special thing about this step is to recognize that today, now, here you are and period!


Love and compassionate yourself.

We are experts in criticizing ourselves for not having reached our maximum potential in life because we did not say the correct words. For any error, we are the first to scrub that fault and throw us on the floor. By sabotaging ourselves, punishing ourselves and blaming ourselves, we are recreating exactly the same environment that separated us from our true self. So, this time choose to love yourself. Be kind to yourself. Find all your qualities and make yourself happy to have them, and you will reach an incredible vibration level.

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Send love to your negative self.

How to Discover Your True Self

Now that you have filled your being and your environment with love and compassion, send it to all those negative thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs. You will find the real reason why you made ‘mistakes’ and transform them into positive aspects of your being.


Confess to yourself what you would say to your best friend.

Talk to yourself, help yourself to find the words you would like someone to tell you. You do not need a third to help you find what you know you are. No one is going to love you as much as you.

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Do an activity that makes you feel better.

Choose something that increases your energy and positive vibes. It should be something that is immediately linked with self-love and reflected in an improvement in your behavior.

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Reconciliation with the body and with the mind.

How to Discover Your True Self

Paying attention to your body and feeling it reconnect with it is essential for our good functioning, both physical and psychic. To demand less of the world around us and more to ourselves is the beginning of the reunion of our whole being.

It is necessary to stand and think about what state we are in. Whether we are living tense or relaxed. If something hurts us and in its case what may be the reason. This little reflection can help us decipher many of the latent problems we sometimes miss.


Confront yourself.

To meet with the true self, requires space for real self. You must grant the space and the time that you need.  You must connect with your greatness, and you must accept your fears. Commit to the change and give thanks for your life. To find oneself means, to accept oneself fully. To put oneself in courage, to have confidence, to connect with our vital purpose, and to have the consciousness of being in the way. A person who found herself is a satisfied person, it is pure energy, balance, serenity, joy, positivism, etc.… attitudes that projecting in all spheres of life.

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Follow your dreams.

How to Discover Your True Self

Do not forget that the secret of meeting true self is to follow your dreams. Listen to the desires of your heart and wake up to be what you are destined to be. Do not triumph in what you do not want to do. Do not sell your life. Allow yourself to listen, borrow time, broaden your view of life. Also, check what are your criteria for success. Establish your life plan and identify your values. Look for that common point where you do something that you are passionate about. Have abilities, value and you will be in the way. Life is much more pleasurable and rewards you more when it is played “with everything,” instead of with half the heart.

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