You should know how to respect yourself, and you should also help others know how to respect you.

Yes, there can be situations where people start taking advantage of you, and you will not be able to understand how to stop letting people take advantage of you.

Whenever you feel like someone is taking advantage of you or trying to be unfair to you, then open up. Stand up for yourself and fight.

When you are standing up for yourself, then that gains you respect

Maybe, you are a person who always tries to help people, but think for a minute that what are you getting in return? Many times you end up getting cheated.

People take advantage of your friendship and helping nature. It is essential for you to learn to say NO.


Think before you say YES

How to To Stop Letting People Take Advantage Of You

If you are asked for a favor by someone, and you are really getting tempted to say YES, then you need to learn to think before you say YES.

You need not have to say no directly, but rather you can say that you need some time and you will get back after you think about it.

There are a lot of chances that you take a wrong decision when you are in pressure by someone.


Learn to say NO

It can be really tough for you to say NO, but when you at least give a try, then it is going to be easy for sure.

You start with something really small. Yes, even when you think that it can be done, you should say NO when you are really not comfortable doing it.

They may find some way to handle the things, and that will make you feel better, and that will also help you in saying NO is the future as well.

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Set your limits

How to To Stop Letting People Take Advantage Of You

Whenever you feel like you will not be able to say No to your friend or colleague, then you can set a limit for it. Like if your friend is asking for a loan, then tell them directly how much you can help them.

If your team leader is asking for extra time, which is not your time to work, then you can be very open in saying that you will have to leave at a particular time as you have already planned something else.


Talk to someone who understands

In the beginning, it really hurts when you say NO, but you cannot always do whatever they wanted to and let them take advantage of you.

So, you should be talking to someone who can really tell you that you have done something good for the first time. Take their help.

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Let them go mad

How to To Stop Letting People Take Advantage Of You

Many people are like they want everything from you – your time, your money and everything you have. When you do not give them and say NO, they will go mad for sure and it is OK even if they are going mad.

You need not have to worry at all.


Just Stay away

When the people are unable to take your NO in the first place, then you can maintain some space and stay away from them.

Yes, you can do this until and unless they are comfortable talking about something else than what they actually wanted to talk or take from you.

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Think of the consequences

How to To Stop Letting People Take Advantage Of You

When you are saying NO to something, you can weigh the result of saying NO.

But if you still feel like saying no to it, then you can go for it.

It is your decision at the end that actually matters and nothing else.


Don’t get flattered

The best and simple logic that many people use before they ask you for any help is to flatter you.

Yes, you should watch out for it and make sure that this does not affect the decision you take.

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You should manage your time

How to To Stop Letting People Take Advantage Of You

Don’t give the chance of deciding your time to someone else.

Yes, when you feel like you have no time and you need to rush, then just go for it.

No one should decide your time and your plans for the day.

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