We live in the era of the virtual world. Our generation is almost glued to the phone. We easily get in stress if we couldn’t locate our mobile. Mobile has become the essential component of our lives. I would say mobile has become the second most important thing to human after oxygen. This device has already replaced your calculator, camera and alarm clock. But it’s a request not to let your mobile replace your relationship.

why you need to stop living the virtual world


When television came to my house, I forgot how to read books.

When the car came to my doorstep, I forgot how to walk.

When I got the mobile in my hands, I forgot how to write letters.

When the computer came to my house, I forgot spellings.

When the AC came to my house, I stopped going under the tree for a gust of cool air.

When I stayed in the city I forgot the smell of the mud.

By dealing with banks and cards, I forgot the value of money.

With the coming of fast food, I forgot to cook a traditional meal.

And when I got Whatsapp, I forgot how to talk.

– Unknown

We live in this virtual world of facebook and Instagram for nearly half of the day. We live in a world where our generation applies filters on photos rather than applying a filter on Life. I’m not against these social networking sites but I’m against the overuse of social sites. These social networking sites and mobile releases the chemical known as dopamine (According to Volkow, the reason that dopamine-producing drugs are so addictive is that they have the ability to constantly fill a need for more dopamine). 


why you need to stop living the virtual world

Due to the release of the dopamine, we feel good when we get a text from someone. But the thing that should be noticed is that dopamine is the same chemical which is released when we are taking alcohol and when we are gambling. Alcohol and gambling are not dangerous, but too much of it sure is. In the same way, too much use of these social networking sites is very dangerous.

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Alcohol helps release the stress this is the most valid reason given by the alcoholic person. When the young guys of our generation are in stressed they turn to these social networking sites, Instead of talking to their parents. That’s what I’m telling you don’t let your mobile replace your relationship with your parents. Our generation tends to find more peace in the virtual world. Addiction to these social networking sites is the same addiction that of alcohol.

We tend to waste our most valuable asset (time) in this virtual world. We have dinner, texting a person who is not even present there while ignoring the ones that are right there. Does that even make sense? Why don’t we just live in the present? Why can’t we just keep our mobile in the house when we get out for dinner or for the outing. Why can’t we enjoy the nature and the wonders of nature? Live in the present life because the virtual world is temporary. Our generation gets in tension if their Instagram followers count decreases.

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why you need to stop living in the virtual worldWhen we want to get out for a date we can just swipe right (Tinder). And here you go. I guess these apps are destroying the word called “Romance”. You may get girls there but these apps won’t let you learn the real definition of love. This virtual world is connecting unknown people together and separating known people. These apps won’t teach you to keep your relationship for a long time. You know what? even your girlfriend will dump you if she found someone who is richer than you. And your boyfriend will dump you if he finds someone hotter than you. So guys get out of this virtual world and if you seriously want to love someone go out and talk to them in reality.

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If you suddenly wake up at night just enjoy and relax, instead of scrolling through social networking sites. Don’t keep your mobile near your bed always keep your mobile in a living area. Now don’t give a lame excuse that I have the alarm in my mobile. You can easily buy a new alarm clock.

Guys look ideas don’t come to your mind when you put your mind in scrolling social networking sites. Ideas come when you look at things in the present.

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