How to Stop Others from Crushing Your Dreams

How to Stop Others from Crushing Your Dreams

Many times when we feel stuck in life, we create new dreams for us to chase. Dreams give a sense of purpose for living our life, and we must follow. But, we are social animals, and unfortunately, we need our loved ones to support our dreams, and we want them to motivate us.

We try to make sure that they find out goals desirable or well-reputed, but why? Why can’t you do something that you want to do without caring what others have to say about it? The more we depend on others to trust our potential, the more we are far from reaching our dreams.

It’s better if you don’t let them affect your willingness to achieve your goals.


Figure out if they are showing you concern or if it’s malice.

How to Stop Others from Crushing Your Dreams

When they are consistently making you doubt your ability, you must confront them and ask them to stop bothering you about it. You have to make them clear that their words are affecting you and not on a positive note. Assure them that you are going to follow your dream no matter what and their so-called “concern” is bothersome, although you could be polite by thanking them for their suggestion.


List all the reasons why you don’t need others approval.

There might be your personal reasons why you want to pursue your dream, and it would have nothing to do with gaining positive affirmation from people around you. This way you wouldn’t feel the need to stop working on your goal and avoid criticism to affect you. You can even keep a list of smaller things that you achieve and celebrate your little achievements. It will help you stay focused on your path, and you will get closer to your dream.

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See the silver lining.

How to Stop Others from Crushing Your Dreams

You can always listen to toxic comments and challenge yourself to prove others wrong. You could also feel the theory, that whatever people say about you, it’s going to reflect back on others. You don’t need to be spiritual or philosophical, but you can use this belief to work in your favor. There is always something positive in the negativity around you, and you can always learn from it.


Keep your focus right

You don’t need to divert your mind over what others think about you or your dream, but you need to keep your mind focused on how to get things done. Carefully plan your day and stick to it, if you want to work towards something. Focus on your end result instead of wondering what others might think of your struggle or your result.

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Laugh along when they laugh at your dream

How to Stop Others from Crushing Your Dreams

Carefully consider what others have to say as they might be wise and experienced people. You have to listen to good advice if it will benefit you into getting closer to your dream. If they find your goals too unbelievable, they are going to laugh at it. Especially when they don’t know what hard work you are putting in and what not, they will find it to be a laughing matter.


They might compare you with others, but keep calm.

People who are getting regular paychecks might be those who don’t have dreams, and you don’t have to get sucked in into being compared with them. They might be on a career rise, but they are those who had their dreams unfulfilled, and they end up suffering a life-crisis. But, you would have tried your luck, and you won’t regret that you didn’t give your all. The paycheck can be delayed till you get your life on track.

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They would try their best to squash your dream.

There would be times when they’ll not be shy to tell you that you suck at it. But, remember, no one is born an expert, and everyone needs a good practice to have an amazing talent and earn with it. Listen to them as well and work on all the flaws that they point out. Ask why exactly they think that you are bad at what you do. Don’t let it ruin your motivation and keep you away from your destiny. Your fate is in your hands and no one else’s.

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