6 Sources of Stress You Can Easily Avoid Today

6 Sources of Stress You Can Easily Avoid Today

Life is full of events and situations that bring us a very strong emotional experience that endangers our psychophysical stability. Among the most stressful events, for example, a death of the closest family members, illness, start or finish school, marriage, the birth of a new family member, divorce, reconciliation, cancellations, the change of job, relocation, retirement.

The physical or mental disorder usually manifests the consequences of stress, but psychologists say that stress can be avoided and that there is a choice in the way of reacting to a distressing situation. Below we will present some of the sources of daily stress as well as how you can avoid these stresses:



6 Sources of Stress You Can Easily Avoid Today

The first source of stress is worrying. It is a long-term form of fear caused by indecision. Often we learn to worry from our parents, and unconsciously we repeat this pattern of behavior. Take a look at you; the majority of people are worried. Anxiety affects the immune system and susceptibility to disease. Thus, 40% of people worry about things that never happened, 30% of things from the past that cannot be changed, and 12% are unnecessary worries for health, 10% of small worry about trivial things. The remaining 8% are worried about which we influence. Do not worry — you live in the present.

Write down the situation that you are worried about and immediately write down the solution. Determine the worst possible outcome and imagine it. Accept that outcome. The cure for worry is action. Fight, act…


The meaning and purpose

Another source of stress and negative emotions is a condition in which man has no meaning and purpose in life. No clear goals pursued. Always have a clear idea of what you want to achieve. Choose, think, and write. Make a list of goals and activities. Make planned activities. Already at that time, you will liven up…

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The aspiration to get something finished

We feel happy when we finish something or achieve a goal. We are unfortunate when we have left something undone. Procrastination is the best example. Whenever you procrastinate, you experience stress. This stress is manifested by sleeplessness, negative emotions, and light beating you up. The solution is to finish the job and do not give up until it’s over. Forgive, forget to the people around you and move forward. No one can make you unhappy if there is still what you want. Always be free, and never expect anything from anyone.

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Fear of failure

6 Sources of Stress You Can Easily Avoid Today

This fear is manifested through indecision, anxiety. Followed by feeling “I cannot” — you feel it in the solar plexus. It destroys your ambition. It is conditioned reaction learned in childhood. The solution is to say that inaudibly to yourself “I can do that… I can do that.” Then do the thing you fear. Use fear as a challenge. You play and act as if that fear did not ever exist.


Fear of rejection of the

It manifests itself when you care too much to get confirmation from the other people. It is learned in childhood under the formula “conditional love.” The need for praise is transferred to all parts of life, private and business life. It is an obsession with work and success. If you are busy, you belong to this type. If you are unsure, too. And if you identify yourself in this — admit it. Peace and success can be found only in yourself. Make a decision to change. Learn to relax. Take a walk in nature.

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The anger

Anger is the most destructive emotion. The outburst of anger may cause the heart attack, stroke, ulcers, migraine, asthma, skin diseases… The uncontrolled anger destroys marriages, child-rearing, leads to a loss of work… Anger is unnecessary. The source of anger is in us and not in the outside world. He emerges from our personality. Anger is the emotion that we choose according to every situation. Anger is being driven by pain, the feeling that someone is attacking us. Failed expectations, when things go wrong… When we are angry, blood pressure rises, our body prepares to fight.

We often repress our emotions and unfortunately often we explode in front of our family members or people weaker than us. Take control of your anger… When you feel it, stop, take a couple of deep breaths through your nose and say “I am responsible, I am responsible…“ Sport dispels anger, hit something with your hands… tennis, volleyball, basketball, boxing, golf. People who deal with stressful jobs need to play games.

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All the anger overflows into a ball or object. Ejecting rage is conducted also by the “screaming” in the woods. Decide to restore your peace of mind. Control your thoughts, breathe and take a walk.


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