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First 5 things You Should Look for on Any College Website

things to look for in a college website

Why is it that in deciding which colleges to apply for no one ever mentions the amount of time spent trawling through prospective universities’ websites? Hidden amongst those sunny afternoon snaps and spectacled students there is a wealth of information just waiting to be found. But how can you sort the wheat from the chaff? […]

Student Life

13 Reasons Why Math is Important

reasons why maths is important

It seems natural that the majority of the population knows almost nothing about mathematics and that their relation to math is limited to the four rules. This distance contrasts with the importance of mathematics today in society. Mathematics is at the center of our culture and its history is often confused with that of philosophy. […]

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Don’t Judge: I Help (Not Hurt) Students By Writing Their Papers

i help not hurt

For all those students who are bookish and live to write and read and don’t know what to do with your lives, I think you will find my story inspirational. Hoping to be an English professor but finding only deadlocked English departments that were hiring only adjuncts and a couple of full-time staff members for […]

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10 Things You Must Try in Your 20s and Cherish Each Moment

things you must try in your twenties

Your twenties are the perfect time to start making our dreams come true. Remember that dream you had about visiting some foreign country? Or that dream about finally being yourself and making a ton of new memories? Yes, these are exactly the kind of dreams that should be realized during the twenties. They are perfect […]

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How to Make Your Student Travel Memorable

student travel

Student travel can be a tedious exercise for a variety of reasons. It can quickly turn into a nightmare with a small degree variation from the plan. Despite this student, travel is one of the most memorable moments in school. So, it is of great importance that this moment is a good memory for the […]

Student Life

6 Practical Ways To Get Rid Of Your Sleep While Studying

how not to sleep while studying

We love sleep especially when we are in our youth days it feels like a perfect romance between you and your bed. Words can’t describe my love for Sleep. Sometimes this love is quite dangerous too; I’m pretty much sure we have gone through the stage where we were supposed to do work, but at […]