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How to Make Your Student Travel Memorable

student travel

Student travel can be a tedious exercise for a variety of reasons. It can quickly turn into a nightmare with a small degree variation from the plan. Despite this student, travel is one of the most memorable moments in school. So, it is of great importance that this moment is a good memory for the […]

Student Life

6 Practical Ways To Get Rid Of Your Sleep While Studying

how not to sleep while studying

We love sleep especially when we are in our youth days it feels like a perfect romance between you and your bed. Words can’t describe my love for Sleep. Sometimes this love is quite dangerous too; I’m pretty much sure we have gone through the stage where we were supposed to do work, but at […]

Student Life

How to Craft Your Best College Essay

craft your best college essay

You must do an essay and you do not know where to start? If you must write an essay there are certain requirements that you should consider to make it clear in regard to the formal aspect of writing. Although there is no predetermined structure, the author generally divides it into three parts: introduction, body […]

Student Life

5 Ways To Crack Upcoming Semester Exam

college exam

It’s that month of the year again where every student remains tensed. It’s that month when students realize that semester exam is not all about grades but only how to pass. It’s that month where students are seeking attendance more than they seek God. It’s that month when every student becomes religious and try some […]