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Are you depressed?

Do you hate your job?

Are you trying to find meaning and purpose in your life? This podcast is for you. You will have a different perspective towards life after hearing this interview.

You may have heard of a psychologist, neurologist or an electrologist, but have you ever heard of a Happyologist?

Yeah, you read it right, the term vividly explains her job.

She helps people find true meaning and happiness in their lives in very lucid manner. Companies like BMW and American Express to name a few, work with her to improve their employee’s mental wellness and productivity.

Meet Susanna Halonen, the Happyologist.

Susanna Halonen - The Happyologist

Susanna Halonen (Author of Screw Finding Your Passion) was woven into the threads of negativity from her childhood, but like a spider web, when one strand breaks, the whole web goes off. Similarly, she broke the thread of negativity and turned towards positivity.


Her journey was not as calm as the sea, in fact, it was turbulent as she was a natural pessimist. She used to imagine the worst case scenario in everything, be it life or her career.

Susanna used to work in the marketing communications department. It was very hectic for her, and she disliked being there. It was like someone was forcing and dragging her every day to wake up.

Her story resonates with so many individuals as 85% of people hate their job. She was dissatisfied and unhappy with her work, and it lasted for two years. She finally decided to quit the job as she needed a new aura in her life. Susanna was very successful in the corporate world, but success without fulfillment is like an unseasoned dish.

She wanted to do something meaningful and purposeful, and it was her deepest desire to the make this world a better place.

Susanna Halonen - The Happyologist

Her eyeballs accidentally came across the book “The Happiness Advantage.”

Susanna was mesmerized and fascinated by the book. She instantly fell in love with the field of psychology and started investigating more about the domain. She read many blogs on Internet, contacted people who were in the field of psychology and read many more books.

Susanna took a leap of faith and pursued masters of science in positive psychology which she had a hunger desire.

They say life always gives you right opportunities you just need to grab those. The turning moment of her life was actually a coaching session with her coach whose name is Andrew. Andrew injected a lot of optimism in her veins. He told her that she is capable of doing anything in this world.



How was “Happyologist” born?

Susanna wanted a brand name that’s fun, quirky and clear when it comes what she is doing.

She did not want to call herself a positive psychology practitioner. Her primary focus was on happiness and helping people to live a fulfilling life; hence she came up with term “Happyologist.”

Simple words can have so much impact and influence without even noticing it.

Susana made a hybrid of positive psychology and life coaching as she wanted to combine science and philosophy to help people on a practical level to live more meaningful and purposeful life.

When you learn to be happy yourself and you learn to choose it on daily basis you start to naturally inject more positive vibe everywhere around you. – Susanna Halonen



How can someone become an Optimist

Susanna Halonen - The Happyologist

When she started exploring positive psychology, she understood how the mind works, and how the body and the brain are involved in this.

The first exercise she did and what she recommends everyone else is to start with a “Gratitude Journal.” Every day for nearly 21 days, at the end of the day a person needs to write down three specific things they are grateful for. It has to be specific to that day.

Once you do this, you will start looking for the things you are grateful for; You will have a completely different mindset. You will begin to see the world through a different lens and start realizing all the blessings you already have.

This way, you can change how the brain operates and how your mind works as you start focusing on the things that are going right rather than the things that are currently going wrong.

When you have a positive mindset, you have more energy, you are motivated, and you are empowered. When things go wrong (which will eventually) because this is life (not a bed of roses), being an optimist will help you to think more creatively.

Positivity activates more of the learning center in your brain.


Still here? Watch her TEDx Talk


Interview Timestamp

1. (0:23) Why did you leave your corporate job?

2. (7:00) How can one find meaning and purpose in their life?

3. (9:39) How did you got the concept of happyologist?

4. (12:11) What was the turning moment of your life?

5. (14:55) What is happiness according to you? What will happen to this world if your
concept of happiness is implemented everywhere?

6. (20:27) 75% of the millennials are confused about their work? They have no sense of
direction. What are your views about this?

7. (25:27) How were you able to change the belief system of your body from being a
pessimist to an optimist?

8. (30:30) According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 350 million people
suffer from depression. How should one deal with it (according to you)?

9. (36:49) How did you come up with screw your passion notion? How are companies
like BMW and American Express using your ways to enhance their productivity?

10. (42:54) What are you planning to achieve in 2018?

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