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10 Ways To Accidentally Ruin Your Life By 25

ways to ruin the next 25 years of your life

Time flies and you would soon be 50, you realize that? You might have retirement plans but do you think you would have this much energy to live your life then? We people are busy struggling in our life, finding ways to earn money without paying close attention to what we really want to do. […]

Inspiration Student Life

Don’t Judge: I Help (Not Hurt) Students By Writing Their Papers

i help not hurt

For all those students who are bookish and live to write and read and don’t know what to do with your lives, I think you will find my story inspirational. Hoping to be an English professor but finding only deadlocked English departments that were hiring only adjuncts and a couple of full-time staff members for […]

Life Tips

7 Skills Everyone Should Learn Before Turning 25

skills everyone should learn before turning 25

Forget what our teenage taught us, but maybe it gave us patience as we tolerated all those fights with our friends and those ugly pimples, am I right? Other than that, to live a happy life one needs to be mature enough and it comes only when one has learned how to handle tough circumstances. […]

Money & Work

8 Things To Do In Your 20’s If You Want to Be a Millionaire By 30

how to become millionaire before thirty

People often think that the twenties are the perfect age for not having money, but this should not necessarily be the case. In recent years, several young people made their fortune before the age of 30. In fact, it has always been possible to get rich before the thirties; it is only the matter of […]