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8 Signs Your Best Friend Isn’t Your Best Friend Anymore

Signs Your Best Friend Isn't Your Best Friend Anymore

It is often quite difficult to differentiate an authentic bag from an imitation bag. They have the same shape, the same color, the same feel, the same stitching, the same measurements, have even bothered to tune with the label of the brand. But there are little details that betray them over time. The imitation bag […]

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How to Not Let People Walk All Over You

how to not let people walk all over you

Have you ever found yourself being busy doing things for others, instead of sparing time for yourself? Have you ever not finished your work just because somebody else needed you to help them with their? Or have you repeatedly gone to restaurants where you did not wish to go, only because your friend wished to? […]

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6 Signs You’re An Option, Not a Priority

signs you are an option

In the dating world, one tends to question a lot. “Where are we heading?” “Are we good for each other?” “Is he going to propose me soon?” “Does she love me the same way I do?” and so on. And it is even tougher to find out the answers because love is blind. We tend […]

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8 Ways To Differentiate Real Friends And Toxic Friends

real friends

Friend in need is a friend indeed. We have been taught this since childhood but still we all make mistakes, even when it comes to friendships. Betrayal of trust, misunderstandings, long distance and many other things ruin perfectly good friendships. But then, there is one friend who is not a “friend” to you as he […]

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8 Ways to Attract The Right People in Your Life

Attract The Right People in Your Life

People are social animals, and no matter how much loner they want to be, they will always seek good company. When we are running a business, we want to attract good clients in our practice, and we want to be surrounded by nicer people, as we all know, not everyone is “our type”. Believe it […]