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7 Things to Do to Get Your Life Together

How to get your life together

When chaos occurs, you are always left off balance but there are only a few who pick themselves up before it’s too late. There are those who are left wondering how they ended up in the situation or how will they move on. While time doesn’t wait for them and boom, it’s been three years […]

Life Tips

This is How You Can be 1% Better Every Day

be 1% Better Every Day

It’s hard to be better, isn’t it? When another failure comes through, don’t give up as life is a journey and not a race that you need to do everything immediately. Self-growth is a gradual process, and there is no overnight success. You need to take a small step every day to be better at […]

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5 Simple Life Hacks To Be Successful

lifehacks to be successful

Successful people are those who never quit, no matter how hard the situation is. It’s kinda funny we all have the same brain but some are successful and same aren’t. If God has given you a dream in your heart, he has anointed you with one dream. But God hasn’t appointed you yet. There is a […]

Life Hacks Life Tips

5 Tips for Setting Powerful Goals

How to set powerful goals

Life is meaningless if you don’t have goals. What would the purpose of your life be, if you don’t have any aim? You can only live a happy life is you know why you have been put on earth, no? If you have something to think about when you wake up in morning or if […]

Life Tips

7 Ways to Deal with Manipulative People

Ways to Deal with Manipulative People

We all can be a bit manipulative when we want to convince someone, but the reason for manipulation could be positive or negative. It is important for us to detect who is manipulating us to get their way because we might not recognize someone beating around the bush. The controlling aspects of manipulators will go […]