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6 Signs You’re An Option, Not a Priority

signs you are an option

In the dating world, one tends to question a lot. “Where are we heading?” “Are we good for each other?” “Is he going to propose me soon?” “Does she love me the same way I do?” and so on. And it is even tougher to find out the answers because love is blind. We tend […]


8 Hacks To Keep Your Relationship Alive

Hacks To Keep Your Relationship Alive

Living in the age where people want things for free. But I found the most valuable, Your heart. Well, now you have got his/her heart the next vary things come into your mind how can you keep this. It’s not as difficult as you think it’s quite complicated to and sometimes it gives you pain […]


My Love For You In 500 Words

My love for you in 500 words

She is one in a billion. Messy hair, curious eyes and sparkling smile. She isn’t hidden under that make-up. She’s all dolled up in grace and beauty. She finds solace in the moon and inside her is a light brighter than stars. The day gave her energy; the night, comfort. As calm as waves and […]


5 Different And Simple Ways To Flirt With Anyone

Simple Ways To Flirt With Anyone

Flirting has always been a part of any relationship. You need to flirt on the first date if you want it to be successful. What shocks me the most is that some people believe flirting should not be done within a relationship. While some think that flirting won’t make their partner happy. Such people are […]