When it comes to finding a “real” life partner, there is wisdom that says “When you know, then you know.” That’s nice, but it takes much more than just a feeling. Experts on marriage and relationship issues have highlighted signs that will help you know if you are in a “real” relationship.


You know what your partner needs to feel loved even if his/her needs are different from yours

Signs You're In The Right Relationship

Some people feel loved when their partner prepares coffee for them in the morning. Some people feel the need to be pretty. Others need sex and other physical forms of expressing affection. But sometimes our partners don’t notice how we like to show us love, and that’s why we need to make it clear and loud. You know that you are with the right person when he/she tells you what it is that makes him/her feel loved and does everything to make you feel loved.



You’re fighting, but you’re doing it productively

Conflicts are natural in every relationship, and the way you quarrel can tell you if you are right. A good relationship is a relationship where the two behave fairly towards each other during the quarrel. In other words – they don’t swear, don’t scream, they don’t silence each other and don’t humiliate each other.


You are more confident because you both know that you are attracted to each other

Signs You're In The Right Relationship

If you attract a person sexually and if she attracts you the same way, you will be more confident. This is a sign that the relationship is good.


You two are different enough to be interesting to each other, but you are the same when it comes to the most important things

They say that the opposites are attracted and it can be right at the beginning. But, in long relationships, it is usually not true. Research has shown that stronger relationships are built between two people of similar values and beliefs. A similarity is what keeps people in long relationships.



Your friends and your family approve your relationship

Signs You're In The Right Relationship

Regardless of whether you are a rebellious nature, it is important what your family and your friends think about your partner choice. Support from the closest ones is one of the most important things for a happy marriage. Since friends and family often have a more objective look at your partner than you, their support can tell you a lot.


You don’t feel uncomfortable when you experiment in bed

Couples in strong relationships don’t refrain from experimenting in bed. If you feel comfortable and natural while trying something new with your partner, then that needs to tell you that he/she is the one.


You gladly to put “we” in front of “I”

Signs You're In The Right Relationship

The willingness to do something good for your relationship before something that is good just for you is the forerunner of a good marriage future. People who are ready to marry will always put their relationship in front of their personal needs. Such a relationship has a lot of chances to succeed.



You’re not worried if she/he doesn’t answer

When you don’t believe in a person, there is a lot of reason in your mind to think that he/she is with other women/men, or maybe lost interest for you and similar burdensome scenarios. In a happy relationship, there is no room for such thoughts in your head. They no longer exist, is not it a wonderful feeling?


Plans and dreams

Signs You're In The Right Relationship

The moment in which you are dreaming about the future with your partner can reveal a lot. If you can imagine your future clearly and then you feel incredible pleasure and impatient excitement – it is the deepest love. It’s the same with plans for a vacation, a trip or an ordinary dinner next weekend.



With your partner, you can be what you are without pretending

You don’t need to behave in a way that you think he/she will like. You just can be who you are, with all your defects and virtues. He/she fell in love with you, not in someone who pretends to be something that is not. After all, he/she also acts naturally when he/she is in your company. You’re in the right relationship when someone wants you the way you are, without the need to change anything.

The common thing about all this is that it’s the most important thing to feel nice about your relationship.  If just the idea of your partner causes the most pleasant feelings in you and always makes you smile, then this is more than a sufficient indicator of the value of this relationship.