10 Things Extremely Productive People Refuse to Do

10 Things Extremely Productive People Refuse to Do

The road to self-realization and self-improvement is not only based on optimism, focus and improving our capabilities. In addition to work on improving the talent that we have, we need to pay attention to our weaknesses.

Reaching our maximum is not achieved only through hard work, but by learning skills and creating new habits. This will overload the already piled schedule. It is necessary to work, true, but there is a need to work smart. Training includes eliminating bad routines and habits that drain our energy and weaken our efficiency.

Here are a few things that productive people do differently than others:


They do not waste time on self-pity

Things Extremely Productive People Refuse to Do There is no sense to regale on their own problems, to exaggerate their torment and take into account the number of difficulties that they endured. Inability to pay bills or serious health concerns are not a reason to spend all day crying – this will not change anything.

With self-pity, you can just focus on everything that is bad in your life; you limit on negativity, and then you can not even approach a solution to the problem.

Sadness and difficulties are inevitable, but the self-pity is something you choose. Even when you are not able to solve the problem, you can control your attitude. Try every day to find three things you are thankful for in your life.


They do not run away from the changes

If you are afraid that changes will only make all worse, you will never move from the place. The world is always changing, and your success depends on your ability to customize. The more often we are exposed to the challenging situations – change careers or leave the unhealthy relationships – it will be easier to customize and create something new and positive in ourselves and around us. This is what enabled people with high productivity to ensure success – acceptance of the change.

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They do not waste energy on things they can not control

Things Extremely Productive People Refuse to DoRegrets, worries, and bleak imagination – nothing is achieved by them, except spending of your energy. But if you put that energy into what you can control, you will be better prepared to deal with everything that you meet in life. Productive people already know that well and here’s what they would advise you:

Pay attention to the times when you’re tempted to pre-analyze things that are beyond your control – such as other people’s choices or behavior of your competitors – and devote the attention to something more productive, such as the completion of a particular project at work or a friend’s project.

Accept that there are situations that are beyond your control, and focus on influencing, rather than on controlling the people around you.


They do not try to make everyone happy

Maybe you should go for a drink with a friend who has not seen for a long time, and to whom, frankly, you do not care about, or you take the responsibility, for the hundredth time, from the lazy fellow. All this is draining your mental energy and bothers you to focus on the target.

It is necessary to take courage and strength to choose your own path, and even more so if that path disappoints and annoys people who are dear to us, but you must have clear limits if you want to succeed. Keep clear boundaries and desires and focus on them and make them loyal, even when they are not popular.

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They are not afraid to take risks

If something seems scary, you may not take the risk, even a little bit. But if you’re excited about the new opportunities that you have provided, something about which you are passionate, you will ignore the risk and go straight ahead. Emotions affect your judgment and interfere with calculating the risk.

You cannot become successful without risking, but you also need to know the measure. Successful and productive people have succeeded in finding a measure. Understand how you feel during a particular risk and how your emotions affect your thoughts. We suggest you make a list of items “for” and “against” for a particular decision. In this way, your decision is based on logic, not on emotions.

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They are not jealous of someone else’s success

Things Extremely Productive People Refuse to Do

When we see how a colleague receives a promotion, we hear a friend talking about his latest achievement, or when a member of the extended family buys a car that we cannot afford, we can feel jealousy.

But successful people have learned to deal with these unpleasant sensations. In addition to the inconvenience these emotions, it diverts the focus from targets and own work to someone else.

When you get a clear picture of success and be confident in your definition, it will not bother you anymore someone else’s success. Someone else’s success does not diminish yours.


They do not give up (after the first failure)

Some people have so little faith in themselves, and they avoid failure at all costs. You’ll never reach your potential if you never try or if you immediately cancel.

Almost every story about successful people begins with the retelling of their failure – the first company which was founded by Bill Gates went bankrupt.

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Do not do anything that causes them to be something that they are not really.

Things Extremely Productive People Refuse to DoIn everything you do you have to ask yourself why you are doing that, whether you are the right person for it, whether it suits you and whether that story is sustainable. Successful people are constantly reviewing, and therefore, they are always on the right path.


They never try to change the other person.

You cannot force anybody to do something if you do not give him freedom and not allow him to recognize the consequences.

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They do not forget that their inner life determines their outward success

Things Extremely Productive People Refuse to DoThe good life is sometimes a little in relation to external factors. People are really happy and have a fulfilling life if it goes from ‘inside’.

Powerful, productive people, wherever they occur, they spread positive energy. They respect others and do not hesitate to say openly what they think. Powerful people are not mentally competing with others but will inspire them to realize their full potential.

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