Summer is the “warmest time of the year, which in the northern hemisphere includes the months of June, July, and August. In the southern hemisphere, it corresponds to the months of December, January and February”. It is the season of the year with which we all tend to dream of free time, plans, trips and reunions and also a common theme of the conversations.

Summers are like lives, very different but summers are. Sometimes we want to do many things and sometimes we just don´t want to do any. Disconnect or reconnect with everything that has been inhabited in oblivion… Summer is a time that houses dreams and awakens memories and for many, vacation time.

You, like probably all teenagers, were just waiting for this vacation, but now you’re not quite sure how to spend it. Well, here are some suggestions.


Get hooked on a TV series.

Things for Teens to Do This Summer

There is nothing more entertaining and addictive than devouring chapter after chapter to disconnect from everything.



Maybe you could start a novel, a blog, a diary … Use your imagination and do not be afraid of the blank page.


Go to all summer theaters.

That feeling of enjoying a movie outdoors (even if it’s bad) with popcorn or a sandwich, is priceless.

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Make tourism.

How many things do you know about your city? Take the opportunity to walk along the street with different eyes and, why not, get on the ‘touristic bus’.


Learn a language.

Things for Teens to Do This Summer

It’s a good opportunity to improve your English or start with a new language. Sign up for a classroom or online summer course. Just do it! I know that you couldn’t wait for this vacation to start in order to rest from learning and school obligations. But believe me, knowledge of a language is something that, when you get older you will be very grateful to yourself.


Connect with nature.

Look for a trekking or bike route and breathe fresh air, which is about time.


Practice yoga.

Start practicing yoga, because it will only bring you benefits.

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Or start with meditation and take the first step towards personal discovery.


Do not be afraid of the kitchen!

Make your own ice creams, lunch … and any refreshing treat like those on Pinterest.


Online Course.

Things for Teens to Do This Summer

Start an online course … And for free! Maybe you cannot dance on the beaches of Hawaii but you can learn to play the guitar.



Finish that fat book that you left halfway and catch up with the best sellers or re-read the classics. Comic books are also what can entertain you on hot summer days during vacations, and are suitable for all ages, especially for you – teenagers.

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Go to the shopping.

The city is empty so it’s your chance to go from store to store without stress and with sales! Going to the shopping with your mother or friends can be even more fun.


Make a to-do list.

Things for Teens to Do This Summer

Make a list of things you want to do from September. It is important to enjoy doing it and be aware that most things you will not do to avoid further frustrations.


Organize a picnic.

Any park or green area is an ideal place to enjoy a meal outdoors. Call your friend: make omelet, sandwiches, lemonade … and enjoy!


Be a volunteer.

Invest your time in helping others, in addition to doing a great job; it will make you feel very good.


Disconnect from social networks.

The holidays are not just for swimming in the sea, resting on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat … and all the platforms that have us trapped. It can be a very positive way to spend non-holidays.

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Clean your room.

It’s a good time to get rid of anything you no longer need: used books and notebooks, clothes, shoes, etc.


A new sport.

Things for Teens to Do This Summer

If there are sports activities that you like and that until now you have not practiced, this may be the time to try.


Technological summer.

If you are interested in technology, try to do a cyber-camp, there are several companies that offer great courses. You can learn to design computer games, web pages or the use of many other technology tools.

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International student exchange.

Finally, a good way and not too expensive to know other countries and their culture and learn or practice another language is to make an international exchange. There are organizations that are dedicated to promoting these exchanges that usually work very well. You will spend a few weeks living with a family from another country and the son/daughter of that family will spend weeks living with your family.

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