Things Guys Notice When They First Meet You

Things Guys Notice When They First Meet You

Everything is relative, however, the desire of men too. A tall, slim, thin or curvy, so their brains imagine and desire. The people tell: if you are beautiful, there’s always somebody more beautiful. Despite those who say they do not choose, there is something they prefer and what mandatory notice at the first meeting. Physical features, defects or not, in the eyes of men.

What do you, men, first notice? Of course, that many of them are talking about the inner beauty. But, what is the first thing that the eye note? Maybe seductive look, radiant smile, long legs, full lips… Numerous surveys have shown that tastes are different, but here are the results that coincide.

Her appearance can elicit many sights, but only one part of the body is the one who makes them look at her again and again. Many would immediately remove the mask and look at what is behind the background, but most of the men keep their sights on most prominent attributes of a woman.

things guys notice first when they meet you

Hah, for some expected, 22% of the male population first notice on a girl her breasts. Coincidentally or not, they complement their frame in the best way possible. On the mutual satisfaction girls with C or D baskets bear the title of a real seductress.

Who cannot boast with the breasts, there is buttocks, or a beautifully designed and expressed a woman’s bottom. The art of seduction would not be complete without this attribute. 20% of the male population consider that the main attraction in a woman’s body is exactly buttocks.

things guys notice first when they meet you

Long legs to for dancing and 19% of them. Of course, that every girl dreams of her perfect “cat walk” with the long sculpted legs. .You can imagine how it is a man who sees them at their first meeting.

We have concluded that the hair in men has a great influence. It can be a stimulus to the boy that he likes long-haired curly brunette or blonde, and fiery redhead would be a real challenge. Yes, as you can see, the hair has an 11% chance of being observed at the first meeting.

things guys notice when they first notice you

The ears and nose. Maybe this seems too much and unreal, but a nose share a place with the eyes. So that only 7% of men at the first meeting noted these characteristics of girls.

Perhaps surprisingly, but lips -5% and smile 6%. “Look at my lips and you will read all on them.” Men seemed like they had not heard of this.

The chances that they will like a girl for fashion accessories and clothing which they are wearing are minimal. Only 4% of men the first thing they notice are the clothes.

And other privileges and advantages as far as the beauty of the girl may have. Such as crunches and beautifully groomed nails, delicate skin carry 1%.

The curves toward the face are preferred. Does this tell us something or the man just agree to simply freak out for a perfect ass and lush busts?

In the end, girls, it remains only to reconcile with those that we cannot please the masculine gender. On the one, they notice one thing and the other fascinates them with a smile. With a third, they do not take their sight because of her breasts. Therefore, all your merits and demerits wear with dignity.


But, in addition to the physical appearance of women, men, they know very well to pay attention to the other things too:

things guys notice you when they meet you

Loud speaking

Nobody likes people who are trying to outvote other in public. Men do not like women who are loud because they act intrusive and aggressive. So this is one negative trait by which most women reject men.


The environment

Another thing that men are studying about the girls is who are their friends, males or females. If a girl is surrounded by men, it is a sign that she does not necessarily like her new friend in a romantic way just because it is a kind and open with him.


Eye contact

The last, but not the least important thing that men mentioned is the eye contact. Girls give a sign to a man to let them know that they like them. That they are interested in hanging out  with them. And, a longer eye contact is a sign that there could be something more between them.

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