5 Things To Do In 2017 To Make Your Life Better

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2017 is the beginning of anything you want. Let the past be over and get ready for a new adventure. Don’t make changes from the outside but from within. Changing your life starts by changing your circle so focus on people that you are meeting daily. The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.

I really hope in 2017 you stick to your resolution that you have made at the start. It takes nearly 21 days to change your old habit and to establish a new habit. If you want to stick to your resolution that change has to come from your internal and not from external.

5 Things You Can Do In 2017 To Make Your Life Better


Avoid Virtual World

things not to do in 2017

We start our day by checking our Mobile and we end our day by checking our Mobile. We are attached to Mobile like it’s almost glued to our body. Our Mobile has already replaced our calculator, camera, and our notepad. Don’t let your mobile replace people that are around you.

We live in this world of fiction, we spend nearly half of our day in this virtual world. This virtual world has brought unknown people together and known people far away from each other.

Even when we go outside we tend to be busy by holding our mobile in public and we are so much messed with this virtual world that we forget to live our life in the present. Try to avoid this virtual world in 2017.


Start Reading

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Read books as much as you can it will be very beneficial for you. This year take a sabbatical from all social circle and meet new friends on the bookshelf. The more you read, the more intelligent you will be. You will learn so many things when you start reading.

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Why not? Just make a resolution to read one book each month. This resolution will make your life better. At first, it might be hard, as I said earlier it take 21 days to establish a new habit, so it will take time.


Stop Loving The Wrong Person

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When giving them love is hurting your love for yourself, don’t think for one moment that walking away is the wrong decision. You are not giving up on them by walking away, but if you stay, you might be giving up on yourself. It’s kinda difficult when you love someone so much and they don’t reciprocate same feelings which you have.

But if you keep on trying to get their love than you have to keep trying forever because love can’t be forced. No matter what you do how much you help them you just can’t make them love you if they don’t love you. So in 2017, stop loving the wrong person and when you stop loving a wrong person it will open a new door for someone new.


Stick To Your New Year Resolution

2017 new year resoultions

Don’t make changes from the outside but from within. Stick to year new year resolution no matter how hard it is. Change your friend circle if you need to. Be with those who always motivate you and speak positively about you and your life.


Forget Looks, Focus On Personality

focus on looks

People will not remember the details of what your face looks like, yet you worry the most about that. They do remember your smile and the way you look at them. And the way you encourage them the words you speak when they are down.

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Beautiful faces might have the ugliest hearts and yet we are so much busy chasing them. So, forget looks, just focus on personality. Be kind to this unkind world. If you have a beautiful heart, your beauty will shine on people’s heart. The most beautiful of faces may have the ugliest of hearts, and if that’s what you are looking for, that’s what you will get.