Life is too short to spend it in lazy positions after work and wonder where the all fun vanished. The world is too cruel; why you’ll toxicate your mental health with evil thoughts? Fear is the biggest enemy of humankind; stop hang out with enemies. 

Try these 30 new things today, and they’ll not change your life radically, but it will sparkle a revolution deep in you within 24 hours, we promise.


What Should I Do Today

1. White paper and pen; keep it next to your sight, so the first thing, or among the first, when you open your eyes would be paper/pen. As soon as the first thought comes, please write it down. One or a bunch of them don’t matter. You chose the time for the first cup of coffee anyway. 


2. Stop complaining, or cut it to a minimum; Okay, now as you’re up and off to the first coffee cup, painful truth struck your heart—no milk for coffee. Instead of crying around, putting on a tracksuit, and take a morning walk to the grocery store—the most significant life changes began with pennyworth change. Your thoughts determine your life!


3. Do something you always wanted to, but you didn’t because —what will neighbors say?! Is it a cringy Tik-Tok video or running naked into the sea on a beach full of people? It doesn’t matter; what matters is you and making yourself happy, silly, and content.


4. Fix the pipe that leaks already for a month or anything in the house. The way you’ll do it is irrelevant. Thru youtube videos or with ordinary insulating tape, the method of doing it is less critical. Taking problems into your hands and solving them even short-therm grows your confidence.


5. Say more sorry and thank you; learn to say sorry a hundred times, even when not needed. Being humble refines life!



6. Get lost. Switch off your smartphone for a day. Don’t plan, don’t think, sit, and drive in the direction that first comes to your mind. South, north, city, village, alone or with someone closes too, just vanish for a day.


7. Give a chance for a day to something you always hated for no logical reason. Who knows, maybe it will become a loving hobby or even career.


8. Foster a pet. Saving lives fulfill even the coldest among us. Also, taking care of living creatures brings a new level of maturity into your life.


9. Pick up that old toast, crumble it, and run to the park, lake, or river. Anywhere near birds. While feeding them, it is perfectly fine to have a good chat with feathery friends. 


What Should I Do Today

10. Cook something bizarre or even disgusting.


11. Don’t know how to cook? Learn it. But not with Youtube videos or blogs; use your senses like taste, smell, sight. We know you have them.


12. Text all you’re contact with a simple question like—just want to check how are you, or are we still friends. Everybody could witness 90% of numbers in the contacts we never use. Not only will it amuse you, but also the person from another side. 


13. Stand out from a crowd. Sing your favorite song. In a subway, while listening on headphones. And sing it loud. Very loud.


14. Give-a-way to charities. Gather, count, divide into sections, pack all those things you don’t use but still valuable, and find local charity communities. Spend all day on this task. 


15. Tutor kids from your street. Show them your craft; for sure, some of them admire you.



16. Plant a tree. Okay, not all of us have a backyard; we get it. But all of us have a park in our hoods. Planting a tree not only you’ll help oxygen production, but you’ll have a live stream of life emerging life. The feeling is fantastic.


17. Brake the rule or the law. Be for a few seconds from the other side. By this small candy from a store mysteriously fall into your pocket is more than enough. Just be assured no one sees. 


18. Leave your comfort zone. Sleep without a pillow. Take a cold bath every day. Cut the sugar. However, this doesn’t sound like a comfort zone value; as a matter a fact, they are, and those small are the most important! If you manage these micro, stubborn zones, the third zone will be a piece of cake. 


19. Gather best friends. Call pajama party or barbecue. Set up only one rule-no Internet!


What Should I Do Today

20. Suprise the elderly; Go to the park, pick the cutest granny or bonny grandpa. Start convo and make their day with your tendance.


21. For those single, have a one-night stand. Benefits morning after will erase all moral questions you might have the night before.


22. For couples—try something new. Something you only heard or read about it: Kinky, nasty, or even bizarre. The boundary between you will straighten, and even the most rigid border will fall. 


23. Cut-off one of the things that makes you anxious, unhappy, or stressed. Make a list precisely defining what makes you feel like that. Start from the hardest. Example: Shark in the water tank will grow 8 inches; it will never overgrow surrounding. The same will be with you. You’ll grow depending on what surrounds you. Cut negative people from your life as they have a problem for any solutions. Or quit the job, which kills your creativity, makes you stressed or depressed. It’s hard but only in the beginning.


24. Meditate—benefits of meditation range from increased physical strength, stamina, flexibility to higher mental abilities and capacity. 


25. Live a day without the influence nor convenience of the modern world. Jeopardize your coziness, take a tent, go to the woods and try to live a day as a Neolithic ancestor. With the tent, the only things you can bring is a lighter, knife, and pot. 



26. Start watching scientific/documentary serials; Use your Netflix account to feed your brain, not your tummy with junk food while watching over and over again Freinds from the first season.


27. All of us have at least that one spot on Earth we want to visit or see. What stops you from saving money on a side for a goal so legit? 


28. Side Hustle? Passive income? You’ve heard about it. Today is the perfect day to move about it. If you have a skill that can bring you more independence in life, why not start the same day? If you haven’t discovered that one you might have, today is the perfect time to start.


29. Help someone in need, also to those who don’t ask for help. Even if we’re about to wake up at 2 am, all of us can say who from our friends or family struggles. Look at the situation one of your loving people is experiencing from different angles. Leave aside all subjective feelings you might have. And you’ll find the most rational way to help them. Thus, you’ll learn how to help yourself in bringing the best possible solutions when problems occur. A clear mind and a cold heart turn stressful situations into success.


30. Carefully read all 29 suggestions advised, and try to do at least one today. You’ll already be on a path of taking more control of your life.