Loneliness is not always chosen. When it begins to annoy or disturb the daily behavior of a person, can be the right time to ask for any help or advice, either an acquaintance, family member or someone expert on the subject.

You have to know how to differentiate between being alone and feeling alone. There are many people who are surrounded by people, coworkers, and friends, even family and feels an emptiness difficult to explain. These cases are much more complicated because the person must know enough or learn to do so to determine the deep cause that causes that discomfort.

Here some things that you can do if you feel alone lonely:


Close your eyes and breathe

Things To Do When You Feel Alone and Lonely

Make some small preparations beforehand: place yourself in a space in your house where you feel comfortable. If it can be, light some candle and incense. Close your eyes slowly and slowly, with your knees semi-flexed or sitting cross-legged, take a breath through your nose. You must notice how it enters your body, expands through it and nourishes it. You can draw the air through your mouth or nose. Do it little by little and putting a lot of awareness, between three and a maximum of ten times (to avoid hyperventilating). If you know how to do it you can also meditate.


Treat yourself like a child

I guess you usually talk to yourself. As if there were another person inside you. Well, in this case, this person will be your inner child. If not, it’s a good time to start practicing. You will be in charge of making him feel good, that he is happy, that he can express himself freely and without reproaches of any kind, make him laugh, you will be in charge of fulfilling all his desires. First, greet him. If he doesn’t answer, ask him what is wrong with him, what problem he has, why he is sad, what he wants to have for dinner, if he wants to play … You must treat him with the utmost sweetness and understanding. If you have trouble, be patient, it’s a child. You’ll be surprised what it can tell you.

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Look for the pleasure in cooking. Take your time. Make a special recipe (but difficult for your level) for the most special person, that is, you. Play some quiet music, serve a glass of wine, prepare the ingredients quietly, enjoying each cut you make, delicately, giving thanks for being able to devote that time. One tip, don’t do two things at the same time, it is about enjoying preparing the food, even if it takes you two hours, you should always be relaxed, but attentive to what you do at all times.


Do some crafts

Things To Do When You Feel Alone and Lonely

Draw, paint, sculpt … what you like more. Are you bad in a drawing? It doesn’t matter! Take a photograph or picture of a magazine, take a blank paper (a little fat, the good ones), a good pencil and start to draw. Before dedicating a minimum of two minutes to look at the image that you are going to represent, look at the details, breathe, and connect with it. Above all, don’t lose your patience and do not despair.


Go for a walk

You have to go for a walk alone! Rather, you walk with yourself. No dating, at least for this time. Choose the route and enjoy the road. If you like the sea, the mountain … The key is to get in touch with nature again. The saying “I feel more alone in a big city overflowing with people than just in the middle of the countryside” I think it is very representative. Connect to true nature.


Watch your photos or organize them

It is likely that feelings of melancholy or deep sadness arise when you do it, but wait a while, hold on until the emotion passes, you will see how, in a while, the feeling is transformed into something much more beautiful and internally. You will begin to feel better. Remember the good times, in solitude or company, it does not matter.


Go to the cinema

Things To Do When You Feel Alone and Lonely

Because in the cinema you will not be alone under the condition that you have a ticket for popular broadcasting time. In the cinema always rule a “group” atmosphere: If it is the comedy – you’ll laugh with strangers around and if it is a tragedy – you will cry.


Go and do some exercise

In the gym, a park, wherever you run, workout, doing yoga or something only your own. Learn to ride a skateboard. When you get the physical condition – you will fix your mental condition. Worn but always present “A healthy mind in a healthy body”!

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Find a hobby

If we are dealing with a hobby means that we do what we like, not what is imposed, said or ordered. When we practice the hobby, one hour a week, it means that we have separated an hour only for ourselves! Hobby characterizes us, separating from the masses and helps us to get to know ourselves.


Get in into the bank

In any bank. Say that you want a loan; you will have an interlocutor for a minimum of one hour. The important thing is that you don’t receive the loan in the end.


Visit a museum or gallery

Things To Do When You Feel Alone and Lonely

But do it when it is announced guidance through the exhibition. It is best to scout when the exhibition takes the artist himself – triple income: you have culturally ascended, you learned something you didn’t even think, and you talked with the famous guy.


Meet the city

On one of the tourist tours. I suggest a tour by bicycle, Segway or by boat. You will not be alone, and you will have somebody to ask questions all the time. It takes just to prepare goof for the unexpected question for tourist guides.

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Take a camera

Because the man with the camera is never alone and once again prove that your city may be photogenic. Although selfies attract other people! Take some photos!


Get a pet

What To Do When You Feel Lonely

Lonely people with taking their pets for a walk have more opportunities to get to know their neighbours or with others of similar interests. Taking your dog for a walk every day can extend the circle of acquaintances with whom you will quickly and easily establish closer contacts.



The only thing better than singing is more singing, once said Ella Fitzgerald. Singing can be fun, can lift the mood, can inspire and initiate mass. Play your favorite song, and sing karaoke, you will feel as if a huge number of people are listening to you and you want to present yourself in the best light.

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Dancing relaxes the body and improves your mood. And when you manage to improve your mood means that your loneliness is no longer on your mind.



What To Do When You Feel Lonely

If you want to spend your free time in a quality manner and meet a lot of new, interesting and different people then volunteering is right for you.


Read some book

Surveys carried out on social networks show that people who regularly read tend to spend more time in society and actively participate in various cultural activities. More often cover events in the environment, they go to the cinema, theater and easily meet new people.

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Find the reason why you feel lonely

Think about your expectations. Don’t think that only intense relationships with other people will help you not to be lonely. At the roots of loneliness is always the problem that we have with ourselves. No matter how bad you feel, loneliness will shrink or disappear when you direct attention to your own needs and ways to meet them.


Set goals

First of January is not the only date in which you can set goals. Take time and think about what you want and how you can achieve it. When you are preoccupied with that, you will not have time to think about loneliness.



If you are lonely and you don’t know what would you do – start writing. You can start by writing a professional paper from your field, some stories or even novels. Maybe it will not work, but maybe will.

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Help the others

Help your neighbor in cleaning the yard, go and make some purchase instead of your elderly neighbor. There are also a lot of social media where you can help people in some issue. Helping others will make you move the focus from yourself.


Find a partner in your problem

What To Do When You Feel Lonely

If you know someone who, like you, feels lonely, why don’t you unite and overcome a common problem? Well, that would be wonderful.


Go on a course

It can be whatever you want.  Language course, massage, dance … So many possibilities. You will meet many interesting people with similar interests, and in addition, you will master a new skill.

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Play video games

It is absolutely OK to play video games all alone. There are many video games for a single player where you can enjoy, and you will not even notice that you are alone.

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