There is only one life, and it’s a waste not to take full advantage. Time goes by quickly and when you least expect, the best years are behind us. The same happens with love: if you now have a special person at your side with whom you’re living your best story, try to do any of these things together.


Cooking together

Things to Do With Your Girlfriend

Cooking together is one of the experiences that will enrich your relationship more. At the time of combining the different ingredients you will enter into a fun and delicious dynamic, so no matter what you prepare.


Tell her your secrets

One of the primary factors in a relationship is trust. If you can say to each other things that nobody else would say, you will definitely strengthen your relationship, and you will also understand things that you did not understand from your partner.


Take a trip with her

Things to Do With Your Girlfriend

The desire to know and live new experiences with your partner is something that should never die in a relationship. Set aside a weekend to get to see some place; whatever you please. The important thing is to embark on the adventure together.


Eating in bed

There is no better way to relax than ordering a pizza or fast food and then to stay in the comfort of your bed with your partner. Forget about whether or not you will make a mess in a bed and enjoy watching a movie.


Read the same book

Things to Do With Your Girlfriend

Even if you consider it the most prudish of the world, sharing a reading experience will allow you to get to know each other to another level. Also, it will be interesting to share opinions about the story, and perhaps that book will become one of your favorites.


Taking naps

It’s good to give yourself a small space to lie down in bed, and what better than do it with your partner. Discover how comforting it is to snuggle together for a short time of the day.


Experimenting in the intimacy

Things to Do With Your Girlfriend

While intimacy is not the most important thing in a relationship, yes, it is a plus that every couple must maintain. Innovation during these moments of passion will help you not to fall into the monotony and keep the flame of burning love.


Having a pet

If you do not want to have children with your girlfriend yet, you can buy or adopt a pet. There is no better experience than having the company of an animal. By taking decisions together, you will become more responsible and committed.


Kissing in the rain

Things to Do With Your Girlfriend

Did you ever have a desire to recreate a romantic scene with your partner? Come out and get wet on a rainy day, jump in the puddles and kiss each other as they do in your favorite movie.


Live together

Before committing try to share the experience of living together. It is an entirely different world to which you were accustomed, and you will know whether or not you want it official.


Practice some extreme activity

Things to Do With Your Girlfriend

A parachute jump, bungee jump, climbs, practice zip line. If you’re afraid of heights, you’d better overcome your fears have the support of your girlfriend, and when you become older, you will have this story to remember.


Playing with personal grooming

As women do that with a friend, do it with your partner. Cut off her hair, pick her clothes, paint her nails, give her massages, and put on masks. It’s more fun than you think.


Make a marathon of your favorite movies or series

Things to Do With Your Girlfriend

All you need is to choose them and spend a whole day lying on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and enjoying the company of the person you love. Take advantage of the small pleasures of life!


Equal dressing up, at least one day

We are not talking about losing the individuality of each, nor is about to act ridiculous. You can combine certain details which make you look similar, a color, a garment, an accessory. It will probably be great fun.



Things to Do With Your Girlfriend

Having a healthy lifestyle does not have to be tedious and boring, especially when you do it with your girlfriend. Make a meal plan, attend a gym together and keep yourself active. You can enjoy your results in privacy.


Taking a class together

No matter what it is: dancing, painting, cooking, a new language… Anything that comes to mind is good because the only requirement is that you do it together. This might seem boring to you at first, but your girl will be thrilled with this idea.


Taking a bath together

things to do with your girlfriend

You can create a romantic and pleasant atmosphere. You will also save water and have excellent memories of those times.

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