7 Things You Are Going To Miss After Hostel Life

7 Things You Are Going To Miss After Hostel Life

Hostel life is a like a roller coaster ride where you have many ups and down, but it’s always entertaining. There is a significant transformation in an individual when a person enters and leaves the hostel. The whole personality of the individual gets changed after entering the hostel.

And here are seven things that you are going to miss after hostel life and these things might make your eyes turned red.

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Hostel friends are not just friends they are like brothers. They know everything about you and even more than your parents. The best part about living in a hostel, you have a variety of friends. From miser to rich, slim to muscular, one religion to another and grouchy to cheerful.

When you are sad, they will remove your sadness in the blink of an eye. Do you need help? Thousands of advice are on your way.  Need to propose a girl? Your hostel friends will give you the best ideas, and if you need any cloth, they will just give you without any second thought. And remember when you had a broken heart your friends were beside you like God.

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food cafeNo matter how bad the mess food is, you are going to miss when you leave the hostel. You will only realize the importance of hostel food when you got married.  It’s not only about food but about mess aura in which you have eaten mess food for four years. It’s all about those memories you created with your friends while eating food all those laughter, fight and insanity. In the hostel, you realize the importance of home-made pickles which was still better than mess food.


Night in the hostel

Staying awake whole night in the hostel is normal. Your whole schedule gets changed and you become a night owl by passing time. Playing FIFA and counter strike till 6 am with your friends, oh, God these memories are the best. Late night talks with your friends and laughing so hard that even tears come out of your eye. Watching the movie back to back and completing the whole season in one night. The talent only hosteller possessed. Eating Maggie at 2:30 am was your daily routine.

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Exam Time

exam timeIt’s the most horrific time in the hostel when everyone in the hostel is tensed. You are going to remember those time when you used to prepared whole semester syllabus in one night. Going to friends room for study and ending up playing FIFA. Finding toppers room is the most difficult thing to find in the hostel during the exam. And that excitement of going home after your exam cannot be described in words.


No worries

In the hostel, you don’t have to worry about anything; you have your own freedom. Hostel life is the synonym for paradise. You can use mobile as much as you can and can talk to your girlfriend for hours without any restrictions. Not bathing for a week is not a big deal in the hostel everyone does that, but only some admit. Hostel rooms are always messy, but hostelers don’t give a damn they just need some space for the mobile, laptop and charger that’s it.


Hostel Warden

You’re going to miss them too. They are the one who takes care of us when we are in trouble and need anything in the hostel, and they are just like our 2nd parents. And in girls hostel, warden even wakes up girls when they don’t wake up on time. They might be strict, but they truly love us. Remember that struggle to find warden when you need an outing?

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Birthday Celebration

birthday cakeBirthday Celebration in the hostel is just insane. But In India, a celebration of a birthday in a hostel varies from State to state. In some part, the birthday boy is thrown up and down and in some part, the birthday boy is beaten with sandals. It may vary but birthday celebration is the best in the hostel, and you are seriously going to miss that when you leave your hostel.

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