There are many things that you can’t control like a setback, and it is okay! Everyone goes through that, and that’s what makes you strong. Use your setback as a setup for your comeback.

You know what? Words define our future. Pay attention to the phrase that you are using. I have many friends who always speak negatively about their future, so I won’t be surprised if they have a terrible fate few years down the line.

Don’t worry about the things you can’t control. But there are a few things that you control, and that will help you live a happy life.


Here Are 26 Things You Can Control

Things That Are Completely Under Your Control


Your Beliefs

Your attitude

Your thoughts

Your perspective

How honest you are

Who your friends are

What books you read

How often you exercise

The type of food you eat

How many risks you take

How you interpret the situation

How kind you are to others

How kind you are to yourself

How often you say “I love you.”

How often you say “thank you.”

How you express your feelings

Whether or not you ask for help

How often you practice gratitude

How many times you smile

The amount of effort you put forth

How you spend / invest your money

How much time you spend worrying

How often you think about your past

Whether or not you judge other people

Whether or not you try again after a setback

How much you appreciate the things you have

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