8 Things You Can Do to Be Happy In Hard Situations

8 Things You Can Do to Be Happy In Hard Situations

Every face you see in the world has got a problem in their life. No one on earth is living her/her life without a single problem. Sometimes, the problem can be small and simple which can be dealt easily, and at other times they are big ones who shake up the individual from their roots.

Whatever the problem might be, there always exists a solution to it. Believe it or not, most of your problems aren’t a problem. It’s your thoughts that’s turning a small issue into a big “Problem.” Those issues can easily be tackled by you if you have an active mind and enough confidence.

To be honest, being a 19-yr old guy, I don’t have enough idea to tackle all these issues. Still, I can proudly say that life has taught me enough lessons so that I can help out any guy out there, who is having the issue in their life. Here are some simple ways to handle most life problems with ease.


Listen To Music

How To Be Happy

Music is the ultimate mood up-lifter. We feel what we hear. Whenever you find yourself in hard situations, just go to your phone’s music library and start playing songs that motivate you. Music has a strong effect on our mind, so make sure that you skip all songs that might demotivate you even in the slightest manner. Good music is the key to happiness. Forgot all your life’s shirts and tune-up to the right songs, EMINEM’s songs will do wonders in such situations.


Call a Friend

Phone a close friend, whenever you feel like your situation, is going out of your hand. Phone the friend who is never too busy for you, she/he should be the one you can rely upon even with your closed eyes. Best friends are made to support each other during hard times, and to be honest, if she/he is your best friend they won’t have any issue talking to you for 2-3 straight hours, helping you find a solution. If they hesitate in helping you, you are smart enough to understand what they mean to you.

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How To Be Happy

Meditation is another great way to tackle with the negatives. Even though I have never tried tackling hard situations with meditations, but it has benefited a lot of people. A friend of mine has been meditating for 15 years (he is 25 now), and he has excellent problem-solving techniques. So apparently means that meditation does help your brain redefine the way you think and work.

Get into a 30 min meditation and think about your problem for the first 10 minutes. Understand why you are facing the problem and if there are some issues on your end, once done with that, start thinking about the ways in which you can come out of this. You are sure to get a solution by the end of your meditation period. Get started now.


Go out

Get out from your house and move to some crowded place. See how much happiness is spread into the air, even when everyone has got their problems. You are not the only one with problems, there are billions like you, and most probably most of them are enjoying their present moment without worry about what tomorrow might bring to them. Try to make new friends; this might help you even more. If all these aren’t your cup of tea, get into nature and just watch the sunset or the birds singing. Be there until you feel good enough to return!

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How To Be Happy

They say laughter is the best medicine and it sure is. When you laugh, your mind forgets every sad issue you have on your mind, and just concentrates on the happy moments, thus making you happy. To get a good laugh, you can visit your friend who makes you laugh at any situation, or watch some silly movies or videos on the internet. You can even go for comedy shows in your town.


Donate to the poor

Donating to the poor gives you a priceless happiness. You will not only feel happy at the end of the day, but you will even bring a smile on someone’s face.

Remember: – When you are helping others, you are helping your future self in one or the other way.

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Remember your Up-points

How To Be Happy

When you feel depressed, don’t think about the low-points but look at the bright side of your life. What you have got that makes others jealous of you. You have got enough positives in your life that can make your life worth living. You don’t have any such problem that cannot be tackled by you. Just have a positive outlook and everything will fall into its place at the end. If it doesn’t that, it is not the end!

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