Expectations are an advantage when you have them for yourself. They benefit in achieving a goal and working towards the progress of career or relationship. But, when you start having high expectations from others, you can be let down, as we all know we cannot control everything and make everyone act or work according to us. If you have such undue expectations from others, like the ones enlisted below, it is time to change them and save yourself from disappointments.


Don’t expect others to respect you when you don’t respect yourself.

It is the same theory, “love yourself and love will find its way to you.” It is what you give to others that you get back. If you won’t respect yourself, why would anyone else have a reason to respect you? Respect shows in the way you carry yourself and the way you treat yourself. Others are only going to reciprocate what they notice.

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Don’t expect others to tell you what to do when you have no idea what you want.

Things You Need To Stop Expecting From Others

It is impossible that people are going to tell you what to do with your life. I mean a family is an exception as they always have something to tell you but if you have no idea about what you want, why would others bother? They cannot help you if you cannot help yourself. They may give you ideas, but they never might be interested in giving you pieces of advice on what to be.


Don’t expect others to stay when they’re ready to go.

Life is like a bus ride; people will hop in travel with you only for some time and most of them might not stay. If you are lucky, maybe you will have lifelong friends through thick and thin, and at times, you may need to stand alone, but that will give you enough strength and experience. But it is indeed true that you cannot hold onto people if they themselves want to leave. Just like you cannot hold onto your past because when you turn around, it is already gone.

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Don’t expect others to read your mind.

Things You Need To Stop Expecting From Others

If you have ambiguous thoughts and expect that others will understand whatever is going on in your mind, it is impossible. It is better to communicate whatever is bothering you instead of hoping for them to know on their own. Just like it is impossible for you to figure out what is indeed running through your friend’s mind. Similarly, no one will know about you either.


Don’t expect others to forgive you when you don’t forgive yourself.

Forgiveness to oneself is quite an important aspect of our life. You need to let go off little things in your mind before you ask other too. If you have made a huge mistake that you haven’t forgiven yourself for, it is quite obvious that someone else might not forgive you either. In fact, it is not in your hands. You can try your best to apologize, but then, you just need to let it be and move on.

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Stop Expecting People To Change

Things You Need To Stop Expecting From Others

Change starts with you. But as much as you could change yourself, you can never expect others to change. Some believe that “people never change” while others say, “People change with time.” Although, it depends on the individual to individual. If they on their own find the need to change some aspect in themselves, they might work towards it, but it cannot happen if you ask them to. So give up and try your best to change and adjust accordingly as the world might never.


Stop Expecting People to Drop Everything for You

Even if your family and friends love you, they have their priorities. Don’t expect them to leave everything if you need them out of a sudden. Thus, don’t get disappointed or feel unloved if they are not there for you holding your hands. Sometimes you need to stand back up alone. Our parents and our friends are also human beings, and they might not be present if they have other significant events in your life, but that does not say that they do not love and care for you.

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Stop expecting that everyone will like you

Things You Need To Stop Expecting From Others

First of all, it is not okay to be a people-pleaser, and along with it, you need to stop getting offended if someone does not like you. You might be the favorite of everyone else, but somebody could be there who completely dislikes the personality you have. Being yourself is itself a battle. Thus you need not be in a constant war with yourself to please everyone. Because everyone might love Raymond, but not you!

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