10 Things You Should Never Apologize For

10 Things You Should Never Apologize For

We’re human – we all make mistakes! When we make a mistake, we apologize and move on. However, sometimes we feel guilty for making ourselves a priority, but it should not be so. Here are ten things you should never apologize for.


For Going to bed early

There is nothing wrong with leaving buddies to have fun without you. Sleeping is one of the key factors of health and well-being. Sleeping too little may expose you to excessive stress, and make you vulnerable to various diseases.


For Going on a holiday

People are often afraid to take a break as they too worried about losing their jobs or missing a significant business opportunity. They burden themselves to the point of breaking. Research shows the opposite, going on a vacation is not only good for you, but it may also increase productivity.

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For Breaking relationships with “difficult” people

Termination of socializing with someone you have spent many years can be tough, but if you have to choose between your health and that person, the choice is clear.

The decision to remove someone from friend circle comes from self-love, but it is known that to love and respect yourself, is to be able to love and comply with others. If you’re always depressed and stressed, that state will transfer to the people near you.


For Not replying to messages or emails immediately

Technology surrounds us from all sides, and it is often difficult to resist the urge to respond to all messages that bombard us. The fact is that more and more people find that access to this technology is more stressful than that it makes them happy. Therefore, it is ok to impose yourself the right to just not respond at certain times of the day…

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For grabbing some time for yourself

Studies show that most people are not happy with themselves and their situations when they are made to spend some time alone. Therefore, they are in constant need of some fun. If you are a kind of person that loves spending time in solitude, take pride in that.


For Putting yourself first

Your health and mental stability are vital for your social life and your commitments. Therefore, you need to put your requirements in the first position without remorse. There is a big difference between putting yourself first and selfishness. To function well in society, you have to be satisfied.


For Fulfilling your dreams

Unfortunately, this is something for which many people apologize. Do you dream of writing a book? Or dance career? About the house full of children?

It takes a lot of effort, to turn your dreams into a reality. You will ALWAYS run into someone who does not approve of. Not once the word “sorry” should you murmur. Be proud of yourself for achieving your dreams.

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For Being Honest

People often ask for honest opinions, and when they have it, they start telling how it hurt their feelings. Sounds familiar? Probably, in such a situation the first thing you do is lie and apologize for the previous statement? Don’t. They got what they wanted.


For Showing your feelings

Asked your best friend out and she rejected you? Don’t apologize to her.

Never apologize for showing feeling. When you do so, you apologize for the truth. – Benjamin Disraeli


For Your past

Do you have a relative or friend who always reminds you of a mistake you made in the past? Do they still use it to manipulate you? Then it’s time to say ENOUGH! Your past is just that – past.

Everyone makes stupid mistakes. As long as you don’t repeat them, the past should not be on the list of things for which you need to say ‘sorry.’

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