We all want to give up in some part of our life. The dream that we were chasing for so many years and we tried our best, but we just couldn’t accomplish that. We all have gone through a moment like these, What if it didn’t work out again, What if I’m again failed? My previous relation didn’t work out; What if my next relation also won’t?

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The biggest problems with other lives are those ‘What if’s’ that are holding us back. What if in next relationship you meet a girl and it’s a divine connection. What if your one dream is over and the experience you gained from it will help you achieving your next dream. My friends, it’s all about believing in yourself and dare to step into the new place. Just imagine mistake that you had committed in your previous relationship and try not to make that mistake in next relation. Your failures have made you strong. So don’t shrink back, head up and move on and don’t let “What if’s” hold you back.

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Another problem with our lives is that we don’t want to get out from our comfort zone. Yes, we all want to live in comfort zone, and it’s a good place. But this comfort zone is keeping us out from our destiny. During school days we generally have a stage fear only a few students dare to go out on stage and speak. I was also the same guy; I was shy of everyone even of my friends. And in the school days, I never had the courage to go to the stage. But when I entered this college I made a declaration in my heart that in this college, I have to remove this fear. And you know what I dared to step out of my comfort zone and now I have discovered few new talent in me. If you live in comfort zone, you will never discover new talents in yourself.

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So often, people limit themselves in their thinking. They don’t think they’ll ever accomplish their dreams. They start thinking they don’t have the talent, the connections or the funds. They don’t think a marriage could ever be restored or they’ll ever get out of debt. But that kind of thinking comes from looking at things in the natural. That’s a limited perspective. We have to realize that God is a supernatural God. Just because we don’t see a way doesn’t mean that God doesn’t have a way. God can bring one opportunity across your path that will thrust you to a new level. He has explosive blessings that can blast you out of debt and into abundance! He can do what medical science can’t do!

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We don’t live in a process we seek success by shortcuts. We easily get discourage with just one bad break, but these bad breaks are ultimately making you stronger. Yes, the destination is important, but the lesson we learn in our journey the mistake we learn in our journey is more important than the destination. So don’t you give up with one break you are freaking strong you are that sword that can cut this world into two pieces. So guys just stay in the process, trust God he is going to take you in places where you never dreamt of.

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