Sometimes you have to take little steam out of the engine and take a breath. We are in a rush to figure out life before thirty. In a world, where we are so busy chasing temporary goals we end up forgetting things that truly matter in life.

Here are ten little things that matter in life.


Writing Thank You Notes

Tiny Things That Matter In Life

Thank you is the most potent and silent weapon in the world. The men who open the door for you at the office, when someone helps you emotionally, a friend who listens to your dumbshit, parents who gave their soul to you, a friend that gave you money at your lowest point and the stranger that goes out of their way to aid you. Send thank you notes to all of these people and make them know you genuinely care. This action can make a big difference in someone’s life.


Learning and Using People’s Name

It may sound weird, but learning and using people’s name is the water that nourishes the mutual relationship. When you call someone by their name, they feel their importance in the company. It’s a good habit.

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Showing Up On Time

Tiny Things That Matter In Life

Punctuality is the seed of success. It’s rudimentary. Successful people never show up late. No matter where you work, try to become the best employee and be so good that even the manager thinks and wonders you are cut above the rest.


Holding Doors Open

Hold the door open if you see someone is coming behind you. It shows you’re kind, generous and a true gentleman. It matters if you do it in public.

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Learning A New Skill

Tiny Things That Matter In Life

Learning a new skill has many advantages. Build confidence both in spoken skills and for group collaboration and cooperation. It gives you a new way of thinking. You can learn new skills which will definitely help you succeed – writing, self-management, networking, critical thinking, math and research.


Investing In Your Future

Take some time to invest in yourself. Your future completely depends on it. A young guy aiming to be a football player will spend countless days and nights practicing shooting, dribbling, and freekicks. Will evolve new techniques, passing and defending skills in order to be the best. Where you will stand and what new things you will be capable of doing tomorrow will largely be dependent on what you do to upgrade yourself today.

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Learning The Art Of Listening

Tiny Things That Matter In Life

The skill to hold your opinion to yourself till everyone has spoken in the meeting does two things. One it gives everyone a feeling that they have been heard. Two, you get the benefit of understanding what everybody has to say.


Become A Mentor

Help someone if they are stuck in their job, relationship or life. The purpose of life is to serve others.

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Random Act Of Kindness

Tiny Things That Matter In Life

One of the all great traits, if someone can develop, is empathy and kindness. Stay kind even if the world blames you for being generous. Be like the sun and let your kindness shed light on everyone.


Accountable When You’re Wrong

You can take all the credit in the world for the thing you do right, as long as you take responsibility for the things you do wrong. It has to go hand in hand.

Be accountable for everything.

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