6 Really Interesting Topics To Talk About

6 Really Interesting Topics To Talk About

Topics To Talk About With Your Crush: There are certain times in life when you just run out of words with excitement. Getting your first job, Graduating from college, getting something you wished for and of course, talking to your crush.

In fact, talking to your crush is a nerve-wracking task. Especially, when you run out of topics to talk about with your crush. You don’t want to bore him/her with emotionless “Hmm’s.”

Yup, we know that you are helpless at the moment as you don’t have topic ideas to talk about with your crush and are also worried about the things that might go wrong if you utter a single harsh word.

Don’t worry; you aren’t alone. Almost everyone faces the same situation when they are with their crush and, therefore, we have listed down some of the best topics to talk about with your crush when you run of words.


Six New / Random Topics To Talk About

topics to talk about crush
Topics To Talk With Your Crush

#1 Ask About Him/Her

No one can go wrong with this. Whenever you run out of topics, just start a talk about your crush. Ask anything about him/her to make the conversation last longer without making them bored.

Guess what? You might come up with something better to talk about while they were saying something about themselves.

Note: Don’t change the topic suddenly, if he/she is talking about childhood memories. Don’t you ever bring out the question about your favorite football player there?




#2 Your Common Interest

common interest
If he/she is your crush, it is doubtful that you don’t have a mutual interest. Whenever you find yourself stuck without topics, just spark conversation on some common interests. It will make your convo a breeze and will be fun too.

The fact is when you both share a common interest you can chat with each other for hours without getting bored as lots of new questions keep coming up.

We have therefore listed this second on the list of fun topics to talk about. If you don’t know what’s his / her interest, don’t shy away from asking it!

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#3 Events

When both the topics mentioned above don’t seem to work well, just strike a conversation on events.

It can be anything serious or funny, it totally up to you how long you can stretch it up. Don’t just simply stretch up the conversation making him/her bored, or else your crush might end up tagging you as “boring.”


#4 Workplace

workplace discussion
If he/she hates their job, simply forget this topic. On the other hand, if they are enthusiastic about it, just ask about it (it’s one of the great topics to talk about).

Some people like to talk a lot about their work while some don’t. If your crush is more of a kind, who might not be much interested in later, just proceed to the next topic idea without giving a second thought.

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#5 Life Experiences

Life Experiences
It is one of the best & fun things to talk about! If you want your conversation never to end; start this topic with your crush.

It might end up on a serious tone or in a hilariously funny way.

But spending time in this conversation is worth the time. You will come to know a lot more about your crush too!


#6 Questions, Questions And More Questions

questions and more questions
When you have a crush on someone, you probably don’t know much about him/her. So, there is nothing better than questions to them. Who doesn’t like answering questions? Everyone does!

Moreover, it makes them feel special. Ask your crush about his/her favorite movie, band, dream career, favorite city or whatever that comes in your mind. It will make sure you get new fun things to talk about so that you can keep the conversation ‘ON.’

If you don’t get new topic ideas, just keep your questions rolling until you find one to talk about.

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So, these were just some of the few topic ideas to talk about. There are 100 random topics to talk about. However, we just can’t list them all here.

Do you have any great topic idea to add to this list? We are just looking for random things to talk about with your crush, and if you have any *NEW* ideas on this, please let us know about it on twitter.

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