Gone are the days when two people stayed together happily forever. Now they need counseling and what not. Being in love is easy, but being in a relationship is even tougher.

You have to make compromises and sacrifices, all for the sake of love. There are differences in opinion, but to have one life together, two people have to come on the same ground, being by each other’s side.

Holding hands in public and showing affection to the outside world, doesn’t mean the relationship would last forever.

Here are toxic behaviors that couples endure that could break a relationship.


Is your partner controlling?

Toxic Behaviors in a Relationship

And it doesn’t mean that your spouse asked you to put down the toilet seat, and thus she is controlling. You can sense you are being controlled when you fear to share your opinions with your partner. It isn’t necessary that the person must be threatening, but you find yourself being way cautious so that your partner doesn’t react harshly.



There is no appreciation.

Two people need to support each other and encourage each other. Relationships will always tumble down if you start taking your partner for granted. Acknowledge it when your partner prepares a nice meal or looks good when they go out with you. Gratitude keeps a relationship healthy even if there is distress in life.

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Do you consistently feel bad about yourself?

toxic behaviour in a relationship

When you are unhappy in their company because they make you feel that you are not good enough, chances are the person isn’t right for you. A partner plays a crucial role in increasing your self-esteem, and if they bring out the flaws in you, chances are you would develop a habit of self-loathing and start being unhappy. Now this, by itself, is very toxic behavior.



Plates have been broken.

Throwing objects in a fight is a red flag that relationship won’t work. It is a very unhealthy way to show emotions, and if the plate is thrown on the floor thrice, fourth time, it’s going to hit you. You aren’t emotionally safe if your partner shows such behavior, and you would tend to live in fear.

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Too much competition is no good.

Toxic Behaviors That Ruin Good Relationship

It is one thing to challenge your partner, but another to always compete with them. You could become passive aggressive if you both are always trying to get to a higher level than your partner. Insecurities about yourself could set in, and you might also feel glad when the other person fails at something. Now, this isn’t a positive aspect of a relationship.



Are you trying to make your partner jealous?

It might seem funny to you, but it is unhealthy to make your partner insecure. You might get the desired reaction from your partner but is a wrong way to know how your partner feels. It might make them angry and fearful because of your manipulative behavior.

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Hanging out is a chore.

Do you go out with your partner for the “sake” of it or you really enjoy their company? Sometimes it seems tough to end relationships even if they seem like a burden and you could be watching a movie, instead of spending time with your partner. You aren’t really interested in them anymore but have to go out just to keep the relationship running.


Silent treatment.

Toxic Behaviors That Can Ruin Relationship

When two people are upset with each other, they tend to avoid conversations just to show how pissed off they are. But it results in building up of anger even more. It is a better idea to let your emotions out, even if it might start a fight.



Blaming your partner.

If your partner isn’t showing sympathy for how crappy day you had, doesn’t mean that you should blame them for it. They are not clowns who would cheer you up. You should be in control of your own emotions, and they might not care about how well or bad you felt throughout the day as it is not their fault.

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Not accepting your mistakes.

You must have the courage to admit your mistakes as not everything is your partner’s fault. There is no chance of relationship improving if you don’t see where you are wrong. Your partner might get frustrated in the end and give up on the relationship.

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