I’ll show you 8 proposals with several “games” inside each one to get a “fun trip”.

The essence is to add a little brush-stroke so that a simple trip becomes YOUR TRIP.

For this, you just have to… to become a child again. Calm down, don’t run away, it’s a lot easier than you think. Will you accompany me to explain?


Take the child inside you out: use your imagination.

Travel Hacks

They are the creative ones. They win us by thrashing. Well, imagine yourself with 7 years. You have been granted a WHOLE day free in the middle of a lone amusement park with all the attractions, toy stalls and open food stalls… for you alone.

What would you do? Indeed, me too. I would play, I would play.

On a trip, this new place you visit is open for you. Everything, absolutely everything is open for you to play with it.

PROPOSAL 1: Think of a movie and play it back during your trip: adventure, detective, and love… whatever you want. During that trip create moments of “filming”, staging and recording the scene. That everything that you visit becomes the scene of that film, being you (and those that accompany you) characters of your story.

PROPOSAL 2: Create a story with photos to send to someone. With your smartphone take photos following a story that is built in your head while you visit the place. When you have the story closed, send it via WhatsApp to your companion or someone far away who knows that you are traveling. Go writing each text that accompanies each photo. Bravo! You’ve written a new story about the place you have visited!


Get to know yourself.

We all change constantly and with us, our tastes. Would not it be great to know exactly how you are, your likes, preferences, dreams … facing that trip to a new place that you are going to do? So the “fun trip” will be insured.

I propose a form:  Before traveling, write every day in a little notebook or on the mobile the things that have surprised you or you liked that day. Whether at work, watching TV, in your spare time … Take it with you throughout the day to be able to point it at any time and not forget it.

Do this for a sufficient time to gather data (between one and two weeks). Then reread all answers CAREFULLY and try to draw conclusions and connecting patterns.  Those patterns are what motivates you the most of that time in your life. That way you can plan and decide a trip with more data to be able to make it more suitable to your liking.  You will see what you would really like to live on that trip.

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Do not program everything: let yourself be led by improvisation.

Travel Hacks

Knowing what is in one place and visiting everything of interest is vital, it is necessary because it is the reason why you are traveling. But there are times to find things by chance. Surprise to be suddenly, in the middle of a huge square in which you have arrived unexpectedly… don’t tell me that it doesn’t give a special pleasure. Well, it’s very easy.

PROPOSAL: On your route, you take sections by chance. Following people dressed in a color or a specific type of race until you cross another and then choose if you want to change it or not.

This game can take you to areas that you would never have walked around (if you are a local people you can discover places that you might never discover). It will be your improvised “guide”. This may seem strange to you, it can be done … I give full faith to it. Of course, it requires a minimum of discretion and common sense.


And if you are programming … get out of the usual!

Okay, it’s true, if I’m in Paris, I’m going to have to make a list of all those incredible places in movies, books, TV, documentaries … Well, if you are programming – program different things, unexpected, creative… Look at a goal out of the ordinary each morning. Try something new, talk to a local, kiss your partner in a movie place, get 10 people smile on that day, climb to the highest place (accessible, clear) of the site you are going to visit … Turn every day into the scheduled list of pleasurable challenges. That is the basis of every funny trip.

PROPOSAL: The 10 photographic challenges.  Write or ask your companion, distance friends or relatives (through social networks) or even unknown people to give you a task to photograph 10 things that day. Whatever they come up with – a dog pissing in a corner, a woman eating a kebab, a license plate, an alien … whatever. You have the mission to photograph them all before the end of the day.

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Interacts with the place

Travel Hacks

When you get to a place, don’t just look at the stones. Look at those who have built it. Or the descendants of those who built them. There are the grandchildren, or great-grandchildren or great-great-great-great-great-grandchildren of the men who built these things that so amazed you. Wouldn’t it be amazing to know what person they have inside?

PROPOSAL: Investigate what people think about their city. While traveling around a city, take a notebook or loose papers and a marker or pen and talk. Interact and ask the people of the place that you cross to write in one or two words what they think, feel about their city. Photograph them posing with the message. Even record a video saying the same word in your own language.


Amplify how you perceive the world: create a sensory journey within your journey.

That place on which you step on it is possible that you will not step on it again in your life … Don’t you think it is worth it to squeeze it out, to talk to it, palpate it, feel it with each of your senses? There is an adorable word: synesthesia (the queen of all fun travels). Mix sensations, listen with your eyes and taste with your ears. Mix everything you see. Like something typical and with powerful flavor in the middle of a place with closed eyes.

PROPOSAL: Create sensory maps. Choose a street, a square, a temple and retreat them with your senses to the maximum. It captures touch, color, sound, and smell. Even flavor of each of its zones. Close your eyes to perceive it even more clearly. Then draw a sketch in a notebook where you put all that information. Use different colors to draw the different senses.

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Go a little crazy, do unexpected things.

Travel Hacks

Do the unexpected, unpredicted, ask yourself strange questions, not usual, and visit the place as you don’t usually visit a place.

PROPOSAL: If you are in a city, inform previously of the places that you are going to see. And then, prepare a post or a paper which is not too big with the name and brief tourist information about the monument. When you are in front of each monument, look for a place where it is visible and from which the monument can be seen. In that way other tourists, if they are observers, can know a little through what you gave them. (TIP: Put them in English, since it is perhaps the language that any tourist could take advantage of).


Take some different and unusual souvenir

We are all artists, great painters. The important thing is that this drawing says something to us. There are people who just paint and travel to places that are quiet. Obviously, we will also use that resource for our “fun trip”.

PROPOSAL: Make a different journal.  A pictorial journal of your experiences. Make a drawing that begins the first day of your trip and finish at the last one. Day after day, with the experience and the sensations that you have had during the day, continue the drawing. But always without finishing it (if you can). Well, until you finish your trip.

If you find it difficult to make a single drawing for the whole trip, make several chapters with different drawings. Tip: Do it with a pencil, so you can erase things that may interfere with the new experience.

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What do you think about the proposals? They are not very difficult, are they? Do you understand now why traveling can be a lot more fun if you do it having fun? It is very easy to get your “fun trip”. Therefore, you just need to be a little more creative.

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