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The problem with not liking yourself is that you’re the only person that you can never get away from. You sleep with you, travel with you and eat with you. But many of us don’t like who they are, and it’s the cruelest thing you can ever do.

If you don’t love yourself then how can you expect someone else to like you? I am short, look I’m overweight and I don’t have much money. Life will give you thousand reasons to live your life defeated and in negativity, but you need to shake that off and say to yourself “I’m happy with myself.”

Focussing on your weaknesses will distract you from your purposes. Sometimes we spend more time looking at what’s wrong with us than we do what’s right with us.


Don’t Keep Bringing Up Your Past Mistake.

Ways To Truly Love Yourself

If you keep bringing your past mistake, again and again, it will destroy you mentally and emotionally. Past is gone you need to see your future. That’s why mirror in the front of the car is always larger than the mirror at the back of the car.

Always remember what’s in your future is much greater than anything you have lost in the past.


Believe That You Deserve To Be Loved.

You are always loved, always recall this. If someone has left you and mistreated you then it’s okay, the problem is with them, not with you.

See, it’s easy to get bitter in this sort of situation. When you are tempted to get bitter instead of giving bitterness a seed in your heart be a blessing to someone.

You are worthy to be loved. See, everything is beautiful, you may think you are not attractive, but that’s your opinion. Even Christmas lights look beautiful in winter so are roses.

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Don’t keep beating yourself up for the things you get wrong.

Ways To Truly Love Yourself

You helped someone, but they played with you. You forgive someone, but they still cheated you. You loved someone, but they betrayed you.

What you did is reflecting your nature and what they did is reflecting theirs. So hold on to kindness no matter what happens. Quit beating yourself up for the things you get wrong.

You have to go through closed doors first before you have to come through your open doors. Most of us fall for the wrong person first then only we can find the right person.

They say first love is important but for me, second love is much more important. Second love fixes the broken pieces of the first love.


Be proud of all the progress you’ve made.

Even the tiniest step towards your dream, take this as a small victory.

All of us want to see some big things happening in our life but everything takes time. You need to understand this; even Rome wasn’t built in 3 days.

You can’t grow in 1 month and become a billionaire. So stay in contentment for all the progress you are making.

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Don’t allow negativity to flow in your veins.

Ways To Truly Love Yourself

Be good to people even for no reason in this way you will attract good karma. When disappointment and bitterness knock, your door stay positive doesn’t let these triggers negativity in your veins.

Disappointment is a season you will pass through it; victory is for the lifetime.


Love, respect and accept just the way you are.

Today is a gift don’t let a break up steal your joy.

Start dreaming, loving and believing we are not guaranteed that we are going to be here tomorrow.

Life is fragile. Time is very short to live offended bitter and in self-pity.

Love, respect and accept just the way you are.

Before being with someone who will make you happy. You need to be the someone who will make you happy – Jay Shetty

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