Have you ever wondered whether your actual partner is your real twin flame? Have you ever wondered whether you will meet him-her in this lifetime? Do you want to increase your chances of meeting your true mirror soul? This is the perfect article for you!


Twin flame reunion: what does this mean?

Before explaining the ‘twin flame reunion’ we should first define the term ‘twin flames’. The term ‘twin flame’, also known as ‘mirror soul’, refers to the concept that a long time ago our soul was split into two halves and that there is therefore somebody out there in the world, embodying our other half.

It’s a common misconception that twin flames have to be lovers, indeed this is not always the case. Remember that you and your twin flame share the same soul and therefore he-she will mirror you in everything. Many make confusion between the term ‘twin flame’ and ‘soulmate’ however the two terms are different.

A soulmate is someone with whom you have a deep soul connection, while a twin mate embodies the other half of your soul. As human beings, we spend our lives searching for this other half in order to be finally complete again. The relationship between you and your twin flame will often be difficult and it will force you to face your own mental barriers. Separations among twin flames are also common and you may often spend time apart to grow as individuals to then reunite. The twin flame reunion, therefore, refers to that moment in our lives when we meet our twin flame and reunite with him-her.

If you haven’t met your twin flame yet don’t despair! The universe may create the perfect occasion for the two of you to meet in a not too distant future.


Why is it important to reunite with your twin flame?

Twin Flame Reunion

Reuniting with your twin flame brings lots of benefits. Obviously, you will derive extreme joy and happiness from this reunion, but this is not all. Your twin flame is your other half, and because of this, he-she will be the person who will understand you better among all your friends and relatives. You will usually find yourself in agreement and will have similar opinions and moral principles. On a more spiritual level, meeting your twin flame will bring you closer to your own personal and spiritual growth. But unfortunately, your relationship with your mirror soul will not always be easy.

Your twin flame will frequently put you in front of difficult challenges and through him-her you will have to face your inner barriers as well as your deepest fears and insecurities. You will have to go through past traumatic experiences or fears that you may not be ready or willing to face yet.

Even though this may sound scary it’s a fundamental step for you to reach spiritual growth and it’s therefore extremely beneficial for your journey. Remember that you will cause the same reaction in your twin flame and that it is therefore important to understand why sometimes, he-she may want to take some time.


How to know whether you have found your twin flame

Now you may be eager to start this journey and may be wondering whether you will be able to recognize your twin flame once you will meet him-her. Luckily there are a few signs that are commonly associated with this type of reunification. Here are the fifteen most common ones:


1. Joy and Happiness

As previously said, first and foremost you will experience a feeling of blessing. An interior joy will fill up your whole body and you will experience extreme joy not only at the moment of the encounter but also for a few days after. If this just happened to you there is a good chance you just met your twin flame!


2. Immediate recognition

You will instantly feel as if you have been knowing each other for years even though this is your first encounter. You will immediately understand each other and you will feel extremely comfortable in his-her presence. Chances are that you already went through this feeling with someone. In this case, you may re-evaluate your relationship with that person.


3. Feeling empathy

You will soon realise you can easily understand your twin flame’s emotions and feelings. You will immediately perceive whether they are feeling uncomfortable in a certain situation, ashamed or generally tense. Chances are that you will experience the same set of emotions with them. Both of you will feel deep empathy for each other from the very first day.


4. Similar values and moral principles

Your twin flame is likely to share most of your moral principles and values. If for instance, you give great importance to family life, there’s a good chance your twin flame will feel the same way. If you’re an advocate of humans’ rights and environmental issues, your twin flame will most likely share your values and support you in your fights.


5. Complicated relationship

As previously said, your relationship with your twin flame will be complicated. You will most likely face difficulties along the way and many times you may take different paths. This is absolutely normal, as your twin flame is nothing else than the other half of your same soul. Think about it, how many times have you been upset with yourself? Anyway, you shouldn’t worry too much. If you’ve really found your twin flames you will most likely reunite again.


6. Reconsider your existence

Your twin flame will push you to reconsider your existence. By looking at his-her life you will most likely reconsider your own. You will constantly feel inspired by your twin flame’s life and will want to take him-her as an example to improve your own.


7. A push to improve 

Your twin flame will also constantly push you to improve your situation and you will most likely do the same for him-her. However, make sure not to confuse a toxic relationship with your twin flame relationship. A real twin flame would never criticise you or make you feel judged, they would rather try their best to support you and help you to reach your full potential.


8. A push to face your insecurities

This relationship will force you to face your own insecurities and deepest fears. This is one of the main reasons why twin flames may temporarily separate if one of the two is not ready for this step. Even though this is the most difficult part of the relationship, it is also the most important one. Only by facing your insecurities will you be able to grow spiritually and heal your inner wounds.


9. The need to be together

Especially at the beginning, you will feel a strong need to be together. You may want to spend all your day with your twin flame away from everyone else. This is completely normal and even though the feeling will decrease through time you will always find joy in spending your time with them.


10. The need to share

You will constantly feel the need to share your life with them. With this, I don’t necessarily mean sharing material things but spiritual ones. You may want to meditate together or practice yoga. You may find yourself telling them every single thing that happened to you today and you may end up listening to them for hours and hours.


11. Deep understanding

Twin flames are characterised by a deep understanding of each other. You may understand what your twin flame is feeling or thinking just by looking at them for a moment. You will understand their opinion and views on a problem when no one else will.


12. Having different interests is ok

Despite what many believe, it’s not necessary to share interests and hobbies. Despite sharing the same soul, your bodies have taken different paths in life and therefore you may find yourself having almost nothing in common. For instance, one of the two may love music and hate sports while the other may find his-her purpose in life in practising sports and won’t have any connection to the musical world. This is not a problem for as long as you share similar values and moral principles.


13. Support for each other

Your twin flame will always support you through your difficult moments in life. They will always be there when you will need them and will always encourage you to follow your passion and reach your full potential.


14. Constant reunification

There will be times when the two of you will take different paths. Maybe because your twin flame may have to move to a different country, or simply because you will need some distance. However, twin flames frequently end up finding each other again, so don’t despair if your twin flame is leaving you.


15. Individual freedom

Despite being part of the same soul, you will still maintain individual freedom through your relationship with your twin flame. If your twin flame is constantly overwhelming you and depriving you of your own freedom it’s not a good sign and you may have to take some time apart. 


Eight Twin flame victory prayers

Twin Flame Reunion

Here is a list of eight mantras for you to recite during the day or during a meditation session. They will help you relax and keep focusing on your spiritual journey. 

Holy Gods,

May you guide me through my journey of reunification with my twin flame. Give me all the help I need to recognize my twin flame and ensure a full and joyful reunification.


Dear Universe

May you help me to keep reuniting with my twin flame despite disputes and struggle. Help me to learn and grow from each dispute and keep challenging me through the path of life. Keep putting me in front of difficult situations so that I can continue to learn from my experiences and find the right path to enlightenment.


Holy Stars,

Shining in the dark night, keep giving me hopes that one day I will finally meet my twin flame. May you brighten my path through the darkest periods of my life and keep showing me the route to my twin flame.


Dear Water,

May I be like you. May I become ice when it gets cold, may I become steam when it gets hot, may I adapt to all the challenges that I will have to face before meeting my twin flame.


Powerful Earth,

May you create the perfect conditions for me to meet my twin flame in this lifetime. May you generate the perfect environment for us to create a harmonious connection and a peaceful reunion. May you help me face all my insecurities and fears through this connection to reach full spiritual growth.


Majestic Wind,

blowing in all directions, reaching all destinations, please blow my sails through the right path to find my twin flame. Let us meet and reunite and keep fueling the fire in our souls. Help me find the right direction for my spiritual journey to be completed.


Almighty Fire, 

Keep burning in our hearts and keep fueling our souls to ensure that my twin flame and I will recognize each other at the moment of encounter. Please keep burning in my soul to allow me to reach the final stage of my spiritual journey.


My beloved Twin Flame,

I pray every day for the two of us to reunite. I hope I will be a good partner in your life and I promise I will do my best to support you in your spiritual journey and help you through the struggles this life will put in front of you. I’m confident that together we will be able to go through all the difficult situations this universe will put in front of our paths.