Let’s be real. Life sucks without friends.

They come out of nowhere as strangers and soon become the most important people in your life. You share good times and bad times together. You laugh together until you struggle to breathe, and you cry together when life gets hard. You’re there for each other through thick and thin.

Having friends is a beautiful thing, and the more variety in the types of friends you have, the more adventurous your life becomes. But what types of friends are out there? Let’s find out together.


Why are Friends So Important?

Types of Friend

It’s easy to pin down reasons why having friends in your life is a must.

After all, it’s easy to get lonely when there’s nobody around, and whose shoulder are you going to cry on when things get hard? Who will enjoy your trips to the beach and favorite movies with if not spending time with your friends?

While it makes sense, science only strengthens the argument that having friends is an essential part of life.


Having Friends Makes You Physically Healthier

Science shows that being alone and socially isolated is linked to so many negative health problems. This includes conditions like an increased risk of heart disease, higher blood pressure, increased chances of substance abuse, and even increased cancer risks.


Friends Make You Happier

The most up-to-date research shows that happiness is indeed infectious, so if you’re around happy friends, you’re far more likely to be happy yourself. Studies also show that people suffering from depression are 50% more likely to get better when good friends surround them.


Having Friends Raises You Up

If you want to be the best version of yourself, you need to have good friends around you. Experts claim that having supportive friends who support you will raise your confidence, increase your chances of developing healthy habits, help lower your stress levels, and encourage you to pursue your dreams.

If you wanted to see how far you can go in life, then it surely starts with having friends around you.


The 11 Types of Friend You Need in Your Life

The benefits of having friends are clear, but not all friends are created equally. The best part of having friends is that everyone is their own person and brings so many different, beautiful things into your life, but what that spice is depends on their friend type.


1. The Best Friend You’ve Ever Had (The BFF)

I’m starting this list off with a bang. We all have a BFF, even if we say we have more than one, we all have that one friend that trumps them all.

The friend that you do everything with. The friend you can stay up with all night and never run out of things to say. The friend you’re happy to sit with in comfortable silence. The friend you tell everything to. The friend you share a connection with that you haven’t experienced with anybody else ever.

Your BFF is the friend that never judges, clears up your vomit when you’re drunk, threatens to beat up your partner if they break up with you, and even when you’re feeling the saddest you’ve ever felt, they never fail to make you feel better.        

Cheers to the BFF in your life. You make life beautiful.


2. The Emotionally Expressive Friend

You know the friend I’m talking about.

The one who isn’t afraid to share how they feel, and always, ALWAYS wants you to open up with how you feel. It’s always easy to know where you stand with this friend, and while it can always get intense when you least expect it, you know there’s no better friend to turn to when it comes to understanding and expressing how you feel.


3. The Friend Who Lives Life

You can’t help but love the friend who loves life and lives it to its full potential. 

I’m talking about the friend who jumps in the ocean first. The friend who downs the first shot. The one to try anything new at least once. The friend who goes traveling alone or for that cute person’s phone number. 

The friend who inspires us to make bold decisions and reminds us that this is the one life we have, so we might as well live it to its fullest.


4. The Cry-Laughing Friend

Who doesn’t love the funny friend? 

The friend where it really doesn’t matter what situation you’re in, you can always turn to them and find yourself in stitches. One of my favorites is the friend you don’t even have to say anything to. You can just make eye contact and find yourself creasing for literally no reason, usually to the confusion of everyone else around you.


5. The Trend-Trying Friend

Sometimes they’re vegan and eco-conscious. Sometimes they’re living off the grid. Sometimes they’re trying the newest diet, and other times they’re managing their dopamine. We all have a friend that’s informed and up-to-date on the latest trends and fads, and they’re always willing to give them a go.

I don’t know how these friends are capable of learning about seemingly every new thing that comes up, but kudos to them for being open enough to try. I do love how every now and then, a trend will come along that I also fall in love with, so I have to be grateful for those opportunities.


6. The Always-on-a-Bender Friend

Also known as the ‘party time’ friend, this friend is always looking for the chance to go crazy.

Whether through drinking or other stronger means, the Bender friend can always take a few drinks at the bar and turn the night into a session you’ll never forget or will almost definitely forget by the time you wake up. A lover of all things legendary, you never know where you’re going to end up after a few hours with this one.


7. The Never-Has-a-Dollar Friend

It does feel like every single friend group has a friend that never seems to have any money. Then the only time you see them get paid from their fifth part-time job this year, they’re blowing it all on new clothes, a shopping spree, or a heavy night out on the town. Okay, maybe it makes more sense than I first thought.

With an always-broke friend, you’ve come to accept that you’re going to be lending money out from time to time, and you may even have a rota in your friend group to manage who’s time it is to cough up. Don’t worry, you know you’ll be paid back some time, even if it takes a few years.

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8. The Culturally-Different Friend

There’s no doubt in my mind that the world would be a million times better if every friend group had a friend from a different culture. These are friends who can show you a different side to living life, special traditions, and ways of looking at the world. 

Of course, I’m not talking about token friends or being friends with someone just because they’re from a different culture. I’m talking about genuinely loving someone for who they really are, but the fact they come from another part of the world simply makes you appreciate them so much more.


9. The Working-That-Hustle Friend

No friend group is complete without the friend who always seems to be working.

How this friend has time to do anything socially is beyond you, but they always seem to make it work. This is the friend who works 60-hours a week in their job and works on seemingly dozens of hustles and projects on the side.

Having this friend in your group is always a blessing because it’s so inspiring to watch success come to them over the years, and you always know if you need any advice moving forward in your career, they’re the ones who are going to tell it to you straight.


10. The Mother/Father Friend

We all have this type of friend.

The friend that acts as the parent of the group. They’re usually truthful and honest and will make you think twice before doing anything stupid. They’ll call you up on your mistakes, and while hard-hitting, there’s no doubt they make us better individuals in the long run.


11. The Friend You’ll Always Love

Life can twist and turn in mysterious ways, and many of your best friends will go off on their own paths and start living the life they want to live. But whether they’re grinding away at starting their own business, traveling the world, or starting a family, they remain one of those friends you randomly start talking to again, and it’s like no time has passed at all.

The catch-ups are beautiful, you always feel refreshed after chatting with them, and you’re so happy they’re living the life they want to live. No matter how many years pass, you know these friends are always going to hold a special place in your heart. 

The only question that remains now is which type of friend are you?