Our expectations may seem harmless. But it’s not always like this. For example, you cannot stop doing the same or you can lose achievements, and you can even do what others seek.

Instead, what about high expectations? In a world focused on success and ambition, they may seem imperative. However, high expectations are often a way of trying to control both the results and the others. High expectations can take your life on a path of stress, anxiety, and depression. That especially happens if you don’t fulfill these expectations.


Life must be fair

Signs You Have Unrealistic Expectations about Life

It can be a good phrase to cheer up. However, you can play against it. I think we all know that life doesn’t always move at the rate of our good or bad actions. That is, your good deed may not be rewarded, just as a bad deed may be paid positively. Therefore, it is best to prepare for any disagreement, rather than having an unrealistic expectation of the matter.



The opportunities will fall on their own

You may think you deserve many things: you deserve a raise, a new car, the latest cell phone in the market, etc. However, you have to know that it will not happen so easily. The opportunities don’t magically fall from the sky. You have to work hard for them, so they will be yours.

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Everyone should be like me

Signs You Have Unrealistic Expectations about Life

You may have very good qualities, but that doesn’t give you the right to assume that others should resemble you. If you start to take this expectation, you will be hurt when you realize that you demand impossible things from others who don’t have your character. Soon you will realize that others either move away from you or become hypocrites.



People should agree with me

Please stop being offended when people don’t agree with you on something. Also, be sure to get out of your head that there is only one correct answer and that, obviously, that is yours. Allowing everyone to have their own opinion will present the opportunity to dialogue, and that is good.

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People understand what I’m trying to say

Signs You Have Unrealistic Expectations about Life

Don’t think that people can read your mind or know what you’re trying to say in a hint. Be clear and truthful, that way you will avoid many communication problems. Either with your partner, at work, or with anyone else.



I’m going to fail

Many people tend to think that thinking in negative prepares you for a possible bad result. However, constantly thinking that you are going to fail can play against you since you can limit your skills or opportunities. Pessimism is an attitude that brings us no benefit, but on the contrary, immerses us in a labyrinth with no way out. Pessimism can lead us to live in a vicious circle from which we may not be able to escape. Expecting that by the pessimistic attitude of being prepared for every outcome is simply not correct.

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Material things are going to make me happy

Signs You Have Unrealistic Expectations about Life

Well, material things help us live better. We can enjoy a large house or a good car, but definitely, that only brings a momentary happiness. Measuring life by the material things you have is absolutely wrong,  The memories that you create are much more important.



I can change it

There is only one person in this world that you can change: yourself. So, stop investing effort in trying to modify others. Don’t think that you should “fix people”, look at yourself and concentrate on it. We believe that we have the power to create what we have before our eyes according to our wishes and design a custom-made world. The fact is that this is not the way things are. There are battles that don’t concern us, or at least not enough to cause changes in others.

Waiting for an answer, attitude or situation that doesn’t necessarily have to occur is a very common mistake among people. Unrealistic expectations generate frustration and, therefore, make us more unhappy beings. Doubtless, it is wonderful to fulfill them, but the best thing is to be moderate to have them so as not to suffer later disappointments.

Now when you know that having unrealistic expectations can be harmful, throw them like garbage!

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