When it comes to relationships, every individual has certain expectations from the opposite gender.

Girls look for a cute guy, who is honest and with little wealth, but things changes when it comes to a man’s expectation.

Not every guy has the same expectation, but here we go with a list of the most common expectations that are just too “unrealistic.”

Some expectations are so unrealistic that such a girl either exists as a unique piece or just don’t exist at all.


1. Need an FWB, but will never marry a girl who had relationships

Unrealistic Things Guys Expect From Girls
How is that freaking possible? You are expecting a girl to be your friend with benefits, won’t she marry someone else? What if her future husband has problems with that? Will you be happy to marry a girl who had serious relationships with someone else?

If you are expecting a girl to your FWB, make sure that you are ready to take on the responsibility if something goes wrong. Guys usually divide girls into two categories, “The one you can have fun with” and “The one you can marry.” Now how can a girl fit into both the categories at once?


2. Being natural while looking super sexy

Okay, a girl can look good while being natural. But how the hell can she manage to look SUPER SEXY without makeup. Sure, girls have natural beauty, but it doesn’t mean that you can expect her to look like you wish. Even the moon has got some dark spots on it. Trust me, guys, it doesn’t matter how she looks if she is caring and honest. Of course, beauty is appreciated.


3. Being committed but not wedding crazy

Okay, the fact is that every girl dreams of a cute house and a loving husband, and if she is committed to you, she might see you as the one with whom she would like to spend the rest of her life. It only means that she might be crazy to marry you. Of course, it will be stupid to talk about marriage right after you commit yourself, but the marriage topic is going to come up if you are serious with this.


4. Being low maintenance while looking high maintenance

Unrealistic Things Guys Expect From Girls
If you want her to look like a “high maintenance” girl, you need to spend money on her for maintenance. The word itself says “high maintenance,” How can you expect her to look the same with little spends.

If you are okay with how she lives, get into a relationship with her. Else move your a*s and get the heck out her life. I believe that this is the simplest possible way to convey the message. Got it?


5. Being distant while still showing interest

Being distant means that she doesn’t give an F about you. On the other hand, if she is constantly pinging you on Facebook, SMS, or WhatsApp she has an interest. Now to be clear, it is not possible for her to be distant while talking on you. Will you be able to do so? No right, so why expect the girl for the same?

Relationships are all about understanding each other and accepting them the way they are. You can keep expectations in a relationship, but trust me; expectations won’t help you in any manner.

Just be the way you are and enjoy what the other individual is.

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