Don’t wait for tomorrow, do it all today,
If tomorrow never comes, you’ll not regret a day!

For some people, life has always been unpredictable. Sometimes the difference between the expectations and reality triggers really hard. However, those who can mend this difference and fight against the odds are the true winners.

The life of Vanessa Van Edwards, an ambivert and once a failed author shows how you can conquer your own demons and make your expectations your reality. She struggled, and she falls, but what she never did was giving up! The never-say-die attitude of Vanessa is what made her today a successful author, body language expert, behavioral investigator, and a public speaker.

Vanessa was once an awkward girl who prefers keeping herself inside the cocoon. Introvert and hesitant, she prefers maintaining a distance from people and used to hide in the bathroom to avoid meeting them. She was also a high neurotic person and used to worry about little things. In seminars and conferences, she prefers being in the corner, away from the ogle and glances of people. Making eye contact was not her cup of tea.

Vanessa’s first book failed miserably even after putting all the blood, sweat, and tears in it. This was the point which could either make her or break her. Out of all odds, she chose the first option and struggled even more to achieve her dreams. At the same time, instead of forgetting her failures, she kept them close to her heart as a thoughtful reminder of accepting the breakdowns. She embraced her pain and sufferings only to come out of it like a warrior.

It is under the chaos and hardships when you find your true strength!

Today, Vanessa Van Edward is an author of one of the best-selling books. Her writing is inspiring millions of people, and she is contributing to changing the lives of people in a positive way. Once introvert, today she is the most captivating and indomitable person.
Since childhood, Vanessa loves to read people through the ways they communicate. With time she gained a deeper insight into it, which helped her share concrete abilities to enhance communication and management between individual. It also includes her knowledge as to how individuals operate.

Working as a journalist, Vanessa was intended more towards public speaking and behavioral investigator. This was the time when she really wanted to do something out of her comfort zone. She wanted to write something unique which will set her apart from public outlets like Huffington Post and Psychology Today. With the intention to drive the attention of people, inspire them, and write something with which readers can connect, she penned down her personal testing and tips in the articles and tweets.

To her surprise, people connected with her writing really well, which helped her get lots of likes and comments. She decided to test different things on herself and on people. She conducted many surveys and experiments, and that’s really when her career took off as being more of a thought leader and not just a journalist.

Generally, the self-help books are written by established and extrovert influencers. The tips from their life experiences are sometimes not useful for the introverts. Vanessa understood what all is missing and tried to fill this void through her writing. Her goal becomes to find a cipher for introvert people to unlock human skills. This led to the foundation of her blog and lab known as “Science Of People” with which Vanessa becomes the Messiah for all the awkward people.

She tells people everything that helped her get through networking events. She filled the gaps that were missing in the teachings by extroverts. Her unique ways to edify people the skills that can assist learn things differently helped millions of introverts to come out of their self-made mirage of hesitancy and achieve great things in life.

In 2011, she published her first book with lots of hopes, dreams, and desires. But, the failure of the book hits Vanessa hard. It shattered her soul, and the dreams turn out into a nightmare. Depression and anxiety welcomed her with open arms. She was afraid of peoples’ judgment. When someone asks how’s her book doing, Vanessa, burst into a waterfall of tears. Dealing with this stress, it took around 6-7 months for Vanessa to find her strength back.

A true character is revealed when the pressure of failure is applied.

In those 7 months, Vanessa, due to the fear of being judged, confines herself in the shell all over again. She used to stay at home and questioned herself will she possibly gather the courage to write all over ever again? She even thought of changing her career and becoming a librarian so that no one can question her integrity. However, it was her interest in writing about science and research that helped Vanessa come out of this hell.
This time she started off writing on science and dived into the world of science journalism. Her new book “Captivate-The Science Of Succeeding With People” launched in 2017, which overshadow her failures. This book has taken every bookstore by storm. It was Vanessa’s time, all again.

Winning is NOT about preventing failures. In fact, I have failed A LOT in my career. Every failure has led me closer to my biggest wins. – Vanessa Van Edwards

Vanessa says that failure has taught her a lot of things. It served as an important block to reach her goal. It was that failed book that preaches her so much about the publishing industries, marketing skills and how things work out. She worked even harder after the first failure. With an experience of writing more than 3000 blogs and doing more than 437 videos on YouTube, she finally landed on the place she always dreamt of. The story of Vanessa Van Edward tells that success is not something you get overnight. It took 11 years of hardships and endeavors to get what she always wanted from her life.

The thoughts of failure and shame that once used to bring a wave of emotions are still there, but this time, they are wild. Because now, Vanessa has learned to surf instead of drowning.

Her story inspires us to believe that failures are not permanent. In fact, you can use them as your guiding light in paving the path to success. You may encounter many failures in the hustle to achieving your dreams and accomplishing your goals. All that you need is remaining motivated and not stopping the hustle. Remember, your one success can overshadow your millions of failures altogether.

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