An Opera singer is someone who has a wand in their body, and they use this wand to spill magic to the audience. They have the power to give you goosebumps, reduce stress and can bring tears down to your cheeks. It’s not as easy as it looks since it takes a lot of practice, pain and an ungodly amount of work to become an Opera singer.

Unstoppable, remarkable and phenomenal, Victoria Robertson is an American girl who has stolen hearts of thousands of people by her orotund voice. For Victoria, Music is everything, as she says that it makes her feel complete, and it’s her identity and her passion.

She started learning vocal lessons when she was only 13 years old thanks to her teacher Ina Kraush who helped and nurtured her in becoming a revered Singer.

Victoria Robertson

Born in New Jersey, her Singing talent was recognized for the first time when she was in 3rd grade. Victoria had an elementary school with music programme and teacher of her school asked her to sing a solo in an Elementary school play, and Victoria played LadyBug, leaving everyone astounded by her irresistible performance. That was the turning moment in her life, and she perceived she could sing. And the rest is history.

She has performed as ‘Miss USO’ for eight years across the world. While singing, Victoria gets so immersive that even if you drop tarantula in her gown she would still be cool with singing.

Victoria’s first show was in the Musical theatre when she was only 12-years-old. Singing flows in her veins from Childhood. Lucky enough, Victoria stumbled upon the chance to learn about mechanics of Opera with the company—San Diego Opera and with their support her career was catapulted to an all new level. Before this, she was singing in musical theatre. During her time, she was surprisingly the youngest in San Diego Opera.

Victoria Robertson

San Diego Opera has an aura which includes the world-class opera singer, conductor, and director which really helped Victoria to excel. She started singing opera professionally when she was 18, and she continued singing Opera at San Diego for about 12 seasons. On the flip side, she had a Band for six years which wrote songs. In addition, she has also worked as a Television Producer in the travel industry.

Victoria didn’t grow up listening to Opera, nor did she even know who the famous Opera singer was until she came across the famous Opera singer Michael Trimble, who is an American operatic tenor, voice teacher, and a writer on music. He tremendously influences Victoria’s life. Michael was an Opera singer when opera singing was on the top of the mountain and by sharing his experience helped Victoria in developing her career. Michael taught physics of Voice to make her voice more appealing. During a training session, he said, “only thing passing through vocal is air. Ways to get more air and to control that air is the key to unlock greatness in Opera singing.” Another technique he taught her included how to get natural sound from the downside of your body without any muscle tension.

Victoria Robertson

You can sing loudly and not be heard but you can sing freely, and then overtones will cut through the orchestra you can be heard in big theatre – Victoria Robertson

Opera singers need to be very cautious about life happenings as one setback can put their career at stake. This is the reason why most of the Opera singers perform yoga and regularly swim to keep themselves physically fit. And once, in her training phase, she was advised not to overanalyze and overthink as it would vastly affect her voice. Many People have a misconception about Opera that they (Opera singers) only use voice, but in reality, they use their whole body as an athlete. Besides, Victoria is also passionate about teaching as she loves to pass on the important lessons that have helped her in becoming an Irresistible singer.


The mantra of Victoria’s life

The mantra of her life is to “bring the body first, and mind will follow.” If you are doing meditation or yoga, you are putting your body in a position where you are deep breathing. And then your mind becomes deep and balanced. As mind always thinks about problems or stress but sometimes you need to put your body into a good situation, and your mind will follow. Mind and body’s connection is very important.