Virgo & Virgo Love And Friendship Compatibility

Like many signs of the Zodiac, Virgos gravitate quickly towards others of their own sign. There’s a certain sense of ease when two Virgos meet. The depth of their connection may be slow to grow, but they have an innate understanding of one another, which is usually hard for Virgo to find. Virgos quickly notice their commonalities, and they respect each other’s high intellect. This provides a level of comfort that makes it easier for Virgo to let down their guard. 

As the perfectionists of the Zodiac, Virgos can get a bad rap. They’re critical, guarded, and sometimes prideful. But what often goes unacknowledged is Virgo’s loyalty, tenderness, love of service, and sense of nurturing. Virgo is an attentive partner who will go to the end of the world to make sure their loved ones are happy. 

Two Virgos together may find their relationship in a rut after the initial spark. It’s easy for Virgos to fall into a routine together, but they still crave excitement. If this pair can encourage one another to take risks, lean into their vulnerabilities, trust their instincts, and forgive themselves, Virgo and Virgo have the potential for a fulfilling long-term relationship.

Virgo / Virgo Friendships Compatibility

Virgos are constantly absorbing information from the world around them. They carefully observe and research the things that interest them—including people! Virgos may not seem outwardly interested until they’ve taken all the factors into account. They need to make sure there is something to pursue before they take action. Virgos are pragmatists, and they likely won’t seek a relationship where they don’t see potential. Virgo’s energy must feed into something that can grow, so they make sure to have as much information as possible before jumping in. 

Since Virgos understand each other’s mental workings so well, they can trust each other to give good advice. Virgos are problem-solvers, so they help one another get out of sticky situations and find the best next steps to take. Their groundedness makes them reliable, and their emphasis on clear communication means they are (sometimes brutally) honest. Virgos are cheerleaders for those they care about, and are exceptional at motivating others to reach their goals. 

Virgo’s impeccable eye for detail can make it hard for them to see the bigger picture. When one Virgo finds themself stuck, the other is eager to help with anything from relationships to work to creative endeavors. Because Virgos trust each other’s mental capacities, they can count on each other to give detailed, thoughtful feedback. 

Virgo friends have endless respect for each other’s intellectual prowess. Other signs may find Virgo too critical, but two Virgos feed off of each other’s sharpness. This duo’s quick wit and mental precision make them an unbeatable team.

There may be a level of competitiveness present in this friendship, especially if the two have similar motivations. If they have the same interests, the two might feel like they need to one-up each other. Virgos pride themselves on their unique achievements, and can be defensive when someone close to them shares their goals.

Virgo / Virgo Romantic Relationships Compatibility

Virgos develop a quick connection with each other, but this doesn’t mean they rush into a relationship. Virgos do intense vetting of potential partners before they commit. They observe, think through their compatibility, and gather lots of information before they’re ready to move forward. Once a Virgo chooses to enter a relationship, though, they commit fully. Virgos are loyal, honest partners. They are extremely attentive to the needs of others. 

Virgos have a tendency to over-analyze everything, including their own emotions. Even when Virgo decides to commit, it will take time for them to open up. Virgos have high standards for others, but from themselves they expect perfection. This unrealistic goal means Virgo is secretly very insecure. If Virgo feels judged during moments of emotional intimacy, they will shut down. Virgo needs to feel that they are accepted when they show themselves fully. Two Virgos in a relationship must make a conscious effort to be honest, kind, and open with each other. This will create safety and trust between the pair.

Virgo shows their love through acts of service. When their partner is stressed or overloaded, Virgo may quietly pick up their partner’s household chores or cook them an unexpected meal. Virgo needs these acts of loving service to be recognized, or resentment may build in the relationship. Luckily, since this Earth sign is grounded in the physical realm, they will appreciate and reciprocate these quiet acts of love. 

Virgo wants to look at every issue rationally, and this can cause issues during arguments. When emotions are high, Virgo might inadvertently look over emotions in favor of what makes the most logical sense. This extreme pragmatism can make Virgo’s partner feel like their emotions are not important. This couple must remember that emotions can’t be factored out of a healthy relationship, even if they don’t “make sense.” They have to remember that they are different people with different points of view.

Although Virgos are highly intuitive, they have a hard time trusting their instincts. It is hard for Virgo to make decisions based solely on emotion—they need to find evidence that proves their hunch is right. Virgos might stay too long in an unhappy relationship while they gather information or wait for their partner to decide for them. The wait can be even longer when two Virgos are in the same rut.

Virgo / Virgo Sex Compatibility

Whatever hangups Virgo has in daily life, they don’t show them in the bedroom. Virgo’s mutability makes them highly adaptable, playful, and willing to experiment. Foreplay is a must, and play is a must! Two Virgos in bed might start off a bit timid, but once they start to figure each other out they can have amazing sex. Virgos will try almost anything when they trust their partners. If Virgo is asked to try something, they’ll appreciate that their partner trusts them enough to say it!

Virgos love to dote on others, and this also shows in their sexual relationships. They are attentive lovers who gain satisfaction by giving pleasure. Virgo’s polarity is Yin, making them receptive by nature. If someone isn’t enjoying it, neither will Virgo! Virgos recognize that every person is different, and they delight in figuring out what excites each partner. 

During sex, Virgos take note of what their partners like. They love to do a good job, and are always refining their skills. Virgos challenge themselves to make each sexual experience more enjoyable than the last. They can gain intense sexual gratification by pleasing their partners, and they love to watch them squirm. Virgos definitely take their time in bed, so expect hours of ecstasy and fun!

Virgo likes to present themself as put-together, which makes it all the more exciting when they unleash their freaky side. Virgo values good hygiene no matter what, so being put-together also means being clean. This doesn’t mean Virgos need a sterile environment, though—they’re ready to get dirty! Clean bodies make Virgo more comfortable exploring. After Virgo partners have their messy, intense sex, they’re ready to clean up and cuddle. 

As long as all parties remain interested, this sexual relationship will only get better as these Virgos experiment, learn, and build trust.

Virgo / Virgo Marriage Compatibility

Long-term, this is a solid pair with the potential to be a successful power couple. These two can depend on each other, and they want to help each other achieve big goals. They work well together, at work and home. As long as their values are in line, Virgos can have healthy, generative marriages. They will act as anchors for each other. When one Virgo comes home after a hard day, the other naturally provides needed grounding and comfort.

Virgos are innate nurturers and excel in the domestic realm. Together they can cultivate an excellent home. This space, given they have control of it, can act as refuge from the stressors of the outside world. Their home will be organized and comfortable, likely furnished with things they’ve collected over the years. If these Virgos have a good understanding of each other’s priorities, they can create an extremely fulfilling life together. 

Virgos operate on a basis of deep trust, and once this trust is established it acts as a pillar for the relationship. They rely on communication and honesty. If Virgo’s trust is broken, it will be especially hard to win back. If they’re kept out of the loop, lied to, or not communicated with, they may feel betrayed. In these instances, the feeling of betrayal is not necessarily about the specific transgression—it is about the trust being broken in the first place. 

This relationship is filled with respect when trust is strong. Virgos can geek out together and relish in their partner’s deep well of knowledge.  Virgos are intensely independent and generally private about their accomplishments. It’s extremely important that Virgo’s partner can match them intellectually. Virgos know they can trust each other’s feedback, and this is invaluable. They understand how high the other’s standards are, which makes praise and encouragement all the more helpful. Virgo sees the effort their partner puts into reaching their goals. Both are immensely proud of the other.

Virgos are endlessly pleased to see their partner engaged in their passions, even if the passions are not shared. Expertise is a turn-on. Discussions between these endlessly curious Virgos are complex, speculative, and mentally stimulating. Virgo needs to be challenged with new questions, and this pair can definitely challenge each other. 

This couple has a tendency to fall into routine. Routine is comfortable. It feels safe, and is largely a good thing for this pair. Their earthiness makes them want to take root. Their mutability, though, makes Virgo crave newness. Virgo may grow bored or begin to feel trapped if the entire marriage turns into a rote routine. Structure is healthy, but rigidity is not. Because Virgos love the stability of their home life, they may benefit from experimenting with polyamory in their marriage. Virgo will revel in the chance to experiment and feel independent. They will feel safe knowing that they can still exist in their stable, safe marriage. An adventure like this can renew the feelings of mystery and excitement within the marriage as well. With a strong basis of trust and communication, this couple will be able to navigate conversations about their relationship structure in a respectful, level-headed way. 

Marriage between two Virgos is most successful when both have a high level of emotional intelligence and maturity. They will need to have a strong sense of their own limitations and boundaries. Trust, honesty, and respectful communication are absolutely essential. If these qualities are present, this couple could quietly build an empire.

Virgo and Virgo Compatibility Percentage

Trust: 75%

Emotions: 55%

Values: 75%

Sex: 85%

Activities: 90%

Intellect: 100%

What attracts a Virgo?

Virgos want you to like them for who they are. Human compatibility is the most important thing to a Virgo, so show them that you’re into who they are! They also love compliments, even if they blush. Compliment their personality or intellect! A Virgo’s brain is the key to their heart. Compliment them on things they’ve put effort into—their makeup, their term paper, the meal they cooked—to show you’re paying attention. They’ll definitely remember. 

Show them you remember details about their life—birthdays, musicians they love, their best friend’s name, etc. They’ll be touched that you remembered, and you’ll subtly show them you’re interested.

If you like a Virgo, don’t play hard-to-get! Virgos love to know when people are interested in them. They can actually start imagining a future with you if they know you like them! Plus, it’s a great ego-boost. If they don’t think you’re into them, they’ll move on. 

How do Virgos act when they have a crush on someone?

They might act nervous or quiet. It can be hard to tell if a Virgo has a crush on you, because they will probably be spending time observing you and making sure their feelings are strong before they act. A Virgo has to know that they’re actually into someone before they make a move. They are slow to fall in love, but once they accept their emotions, they are extremely loyal and caring to their partners. Give them time!

How do I make a Virgo feel loved?

Be their friend first! Show that your love is not just sexual or romantic—that you value them for who they are first and foremost. Praise them for the things you’ve seen them work at. Show them you’re invested and that you care about what they care about.

Don’t underestimate the power of reassurance. Even if you’ve said it before, Virgo has a knack for second-guessing. Simple statements of gratitude, love, and appreciation can go a long way with Virgo. 

Be honest and open with them. Trust is super important to Virgos. Don’t lie to them! A Virgo sees a lie as a deep betrayal. They would rather hear a hard truth than be shielded from the truth, and they’ll appreciate your honesty. 

Encourage Virgo’s creative side. (They definitely have one!) Show them you’re someone who won’t judge their half-formed ideas—they’re already judging themselves harder than you can imagine! Virgos are afraid of showing their softer sides for fear of being judged or abandoned, so if a Virgo is vulnerable with you, meet them with an open mind. Make your relationship feel safe for Virgo.

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