Your life can become a total mess if you fail at finding a perfect soul mate for yourself. Finding Mr. or Ms. Perfect is becoming more stressful and hard in a generation that seems to be focused on lust and greed. There can be many people out there who assure you that they are the one you are looking for but in reality, most of these individuals don’t show their true colors because they want to be in a relationship to satisfy their desires.

While finding someone who will love you can be tough, but it isn’t impossible. It involves being true to yourself, what you want, and knowing when the time is right.

Here are the ten ways to find love as well as be loved the way you want:


Right time

Ways To Find Love

One should always remember an essential thing that you don’t have to be in a relationship just because all of your friends are committed and seem to be spending a perfect life. The desire to be in a relationship shouldn’t be the thing that makes you seek someone out. True love will find you when you’re not looking for it. It’ll just happen.


Fear of being alone

Another thing that makes people start a relationship (even when they aren’t in love) is the fear of being alone. Many boys and girls continue unhealthy relationships because they don’t want to be alone and they even ignore the faults in their partner because they fear breaking up.

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Don’t be Materialistic

Ways To Find Love

For you to find a perfect life partner, you must appreciate the personality traits that make you love a person instead of falling in love with how they look, their house, money, career, etc.

Materialistic things are temporary and aren’t a good basis to start a long-lasting relationship.



While you can remain platonic friends with the people around you, for you to fall in love with someone, friendship is just as important. Knowing what the other person likes and dislikes, what they want to achieve in life, being able to confide in each other, etc. are important things that must be part of a romantic relationship. If you can’t have fun while hanging out with the person you love, how can you hope to spend your life with them?


Understand your emotions

Make sure to understand your emotions and not be confused by them. Having feelings for a best friend doesn’t always mean that you romantically love them. Don’t confuse always wanting to be close to your friend as love and destroy a good friendship.

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Proper Introductions

The person you love shouldn’t be embarrassed to introduce you to their family and friends. If they don’t want to go public with being in a relationship with you or don’t invite you to meet their family, then the relationship isn’t worth it.


Stop looking for an ideal

Ways To Find Love

Many boys and girls usually look for the ideal person as their life partner. However, we all must understand that no one is perfect, and having flaws is what makes us human.

A happy life can be spent together by accepting the fact that ideals can only be found in movies or novels.


Choosing a life partner with the same interests

It’s nice to choose a life partner with the same interests and hobbies you have as it’ll provide a basis for you to hang out together and strengthen your bond.


Be yourself

A happy relationship is one where you can be loved for who you are and not be judged for being so. If you are being forced to change for yourself to remain in a relationship with someone or forcing them to change, then that isn’t love.

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Feeling comfortable

Ways To Find Love

Your perfect life partner is the one with whom you can feel secure and comfortable rather than forcing yourself to pretend you are doing fine in front of them. You should be able to express happiness and sadness in front of your loved one.

Now that we’re done with how to know that you’re in love with someone, here are the 10 ways you can continue the relationship and be loved the way you want.



Arguments with your life partner will occur. It’s normal to disagree on things. However, the way you handle the argument is what’ll strengthen your relationship. Try and be understanding of what your significant other wants and where they’re coming from. Also, don’t hesitate to be the first one to say sorry even if you think it wasn’t your mistake.

If you want to argue, learn how to ask questions instead of forcing your opinions on her.



A perfect relationship is based on equality where you both can do what you want without being judged. Don’t create double-standards in your relationship.

Your wife can have a job too if you have a professional life and in the same manner, you can make new friends if your significant other is allowed to.

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Accepting faults

If you want to make your life happy in a committed relationship, you must understand that accepting faults is one of the things that create a base for a healthy relationship.

Humans make mistakes, and everyone has flaws, and if you find it difficult to accept your flaws, love advisors can provide you with all the necessary support to learn to accept your mistakes.


Never keep secrets

Ways To Find Love

Secrets are the main reason the ruins a relationship. Don’t hide anything from your life partner. If you think it is something that they won’t be able to understand then have an honest discussion with them.

It’s better to come clean about something rather than risk your life partner knowing about your secret from someone else or finding it on their own.

If you are a girl, learn to ask him questions instead of blaming or doubting him.


Say Thank you

A lot of times people forget to say thank you and appreciate one another. Don’t hesitate to say thank you for something your significant other does for you. If they’re the one who cooks family meals always say thank you and compliment the meal. In the same manner, you can say thank you for little stuff too such as taking the garbage out or even cleaning the car.


Emotional Sensitivity

Keep an eye on your life partner and the moods they exhibit. Sometimes your husband or wife won’t tell you how they feel unless you ask them. If you’re someone who is sensitive to your life partner’s emotions, they will be willing to do the same for you and love you as you want to be loved.

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Enjoy each other’s company

Take out time to do things together. If there is a movie, you both want to watch then go together. Reserve date nights at the time that works the best for you. Even sitting together and watching TV can enable you to talk about things and enjoy being with each other.


Exchanging gifts

Ways To Find Love

Everyone loves surprises and exchanging gifts are the key to a happy married life. Now, you don’t need to give each other expensive gifts. However, showing up with a bouquet of flowers or some chocolates every so often can help have a positive influence on your life.


Love Yourself

You can’t expect to love anyone if you aren’t able to love yourself. Be content with who you are and do things to keep you in a happy mood as you being in a good mood will enable you to interact with your life partner in a positive manner as well.

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Be Honest

If you’re facing some sort of problem (or sensing one) be open to talking about it with your significant other. Create an environment where both of you can talk whenever needed and be honest about your feelings.

Following these tips mentioned above will help you not only to find love but know how to remain in a loving and equal relationship.

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