8 Ways To Improve A Bad Day

8 Ways To Improve A Bad Day

We don’t always wake up with a happy vibe, and it gets worse when we spill our morning coffee or when we are already too late. We then believe that our whole day is only going to get worse. The problems ticking our nerves are usually petty but seem so big altogether, and we spend the day being grim. But, even if you say it’s just one day, little drops fill the ocean. Each day should count and each day must be lived to the fullest.  Here are ways you can improve a bad day and you must:



Ways To Improve A Bad Day A smile goes a long way in improving our mood, even if we don’t feel like smiling. We think we would look like a creep if we smile for no reason, and well, if our smiles are weird we might, but that’s not the point here. We must wear that smile before heading out of our home even if we are going to miss that train. A smile will improve your confidence for the day and will spread out happy vibes around you as well, which eventually will boost your own happiness level.


There is no “run of bad luck.”

Believe it or not, if we believe in such senseless myths, we are going to do things subconsciously which will fit in the “bad luck” pattern. It is better not to judge your entire day, by what happened in the morning and plan on being more careful or putting in extra efforts in every other thing you do.

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Small note

Ways To Improve A Bad Day

I know, I know, when you are writing small motivational notes, it feels weird, but the truth is, having a positive post-it on your computer screen or burning a note regarding all negativity can indeed make your day better. Write about all good things you have in life and then keep looking at it whenever you feel that your day can’t be worst.


Listen to music or watch a movie

There is no harm in escaping your life for a little while, right? Groove into your favorite tunes and sing along, what else is music for? Watching an entertaining movie can also take your mind off from what’s ruining your day, but if you have no time, keep that “I feel Good” playlist on your phone to listen whenever you feel low.

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Funny YouTube Videos

Ways To Improve A Bad Day You may not get the urge to go to YouTube and look for funny videos, but if you make that little effort, it might tone your mood a lot. A laugh a day can be the best remedy for a depressive phase of life, and it can also be brought to use on a day to day basis. There are a lot of funny people in this world, and there are a lot of funny things that have happened to random people, if not you. So watch those and thank God for the Internet. Or the creator of the internet, who is?? Err.


Petting an animal.

Pet animals are adorable, and even if you don’t have a pet, you can always find the street dogs or cats that are in need of food and love. You can provide them affection, and they will love it as in their animal kingdom, they don’t get it enough from their partner, you know what I mean? When the dog will wag his tail, and you are not a sadist, you will definitely love how it feels.

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Get a hug

Ways To Improve A Bad DayAsk anyone to hug you, if you think you are in dire need of it. A hug is a very simple therapy which is needed from time to time in order to bring peace and calm to the human race. Reach out to your partner and ask them to hug you and I am pretty sure that if they love you, they’ll understand, unless, you have become way too clingy and asked for it hundred times a day. Don’t do that, pal, come on!


Buy some flowers

The fragrance of flowers can melt anyone’s heart and if you are a guy and don’t think it’s manly, you can just buy some for someone else, be it your colleague (flowers don’t always have to be roses, you know?) or your wife (there must be one rose in the bunch) as it will cheer you up. There are some things that perfumes might not do, but flowers could. It is all about natural scents present. Get in touch with it!

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