We all must be aware of our inner selves and should know what both our flaws and flaunts are. When we sit to analyze, the first thing we come across is our ego. It affects our life way more than any other emotion does.

And no, it’s not necessarily all bad. Rather it is wrongly believed that if we put aside our ego, we’d be the happiest individuals because trust me it would turn you into someone who has no self-esteem.

You don’t want to be that, do you? It is an essential part of our life and it must not be destroyed (unless you are going to live in the woods and become a saint), rather you can keep a check on your ego and balance it accordingly so that it doesn’t have any bad effect on your life but only positive.


Know that you are only a small grain in the universe.

Ways to Keep Your Ego In Check

A grain which might not be even visible to the naked eye! When you feel like you own the world, remember this very fact and know that you don’t. The world can survive without you and there are other people to reach the heights that you’ve reached. Sometimes our ego starts jumping and takes a new boost and nothing else seems important enough than us. But, that’s not the case. Bring yourself to perspective by realizing that the world is a vast sea and you might not have been even counted.


Others have helped you reach your goal.

Believe it or not, but people around you contribute to your success more than you know. The network that you have with your friends, family, and co-workers, is the crucial aspect of your life and you won’t be able to achieve anything without the cooperation and support of those around you. Your life is team work of people who are close to you.

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Everyone is important, just as you are.

Ways to Keep Your Ego In Check

Do you realize how people honk at the cars in front of them? It is because they believe that they have to go somewhere more important than the other person. When there’s a traffic jam, they begin to feel that it would only be creating a big problem in their life. But the truth is, there is whole another world out there, with people stuck in different situations. Similarly, everyone living is as important as you are and thus, no need to have an egoistic nature thinking that you are more important than any other person in particular.


Nothing is permanent.

Things are never permanent. You might be in the news today, but tomorrow you’d be forgotten. People might be talking about your achievements today but they shall soon stop. Whatever is giving you happiness right now, might not guarantee your happiness in the future. Thus there is always impermanence in things and you don’t need to boast about everything that you have, as it would be gone soon.

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Never believe all the praise that you hear.

Ways to Keep Your Ego In Check

You can always be thankful when someone is appreciating you, but it would be better for you if you don’t believe it completely. Otherwise, you would stop growing and practising your positive aspects. Soon, you’ll lose them. The only way to be successful is to realize that while others may appreciate your work, you can always do better.


Have a true best friend.

No one is worse than a fake friend. You should always have a few companions who tell you the truth about your personality even if it’s bitter. If you listen to the opinions of your best friend, you would never feel that you have the best “opinions.” Having those who aren’t afraid to tell you where you are going wrong, is very important. You must keep those kinds of friendships safe.

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Introspect about your shortcomings.

Ways to Keep Your Ego In Check

It isn’t a good idea to be too self-critical but from time to time, it is better to take a look at your flaws and know that you need to either change them or accept them. Your flaws make you realize that you are not perfect and you always would have something or the other to work on. It would help you keep your ego in check as you would know how you are not the best at everything.

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