There are times when we have multiple things to handle at the same time and we are unable to plan for them effectively, and we end up being physically and mentally exhausted. Have you ever woken up, felt pretty tired but still went through the day? Well, it has happened to many of us. You need to refuel yourself in order to do complete justice to what you are doing, otherwise, you feel tired. “But how?” is the question. When you have no time to think about anything else in the world, how are you supposed to restore your vitality?

Emotional fatigue can occur due to various reasons. Think about the reasons yourself.  Are you overworking? Are you having a poor sleep? Are you on an unhealthy diet? Maybe it’s because of the medicines you have been taking? The first step to getting rid of mental exhaustion is to figure out its cause. Well, once you know why you are worn-out all the time, here is what you can do:


Have a healthy breakfast.

Mental Exhaustion

A good breakfast can be a boon to your day. Avoid the candy bar in the morning, and rather have some eggs or grab an apple is you in that much hurry. On the other hand, if you spare out a bit of time doing exercise, you are going to feel active throughout the day. This is the reason why it is asked to not do exercise close to bedtime. Because you would be so energized that it would become difficult for you to sleep.


Drink lots of water.

Studies have suggested that almost all of us are dehydrated because we forget to drink water, other than when we are thirsty. When we are dehydrated, we would always feel a lack of energy. Although, if you have a good intake of water each day, there is no way that you would feel tired for no reason.

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Free your mind.

Mental Exhaustion

Sometimes a person tends to focus on all the negative things in life and take the necessary burden. But, to be relaxed one needs to set their priorities right and know very well about where they should focus their attention. You can either do the tasks or you can waste hell a lot of time and mentally exhaust yourself while thinking about doing it. Whatever your burdens are, you must be well aware of how much time you need to give to it and make sure you don’t stress yourself out unnecessarily.


Avoid complaining.

There are some people who can’t stop complaining and it is one reason why they are angry and irritable all the time. No one feels happy around them if they are worried about one thing or the other consistently. They are the ones too focused ton doing multiple things the same day and run the errands so quickly so that they manage to be on time at every place or finish their work at a good enough time. For example, you have a few assignments to do in hand, but you also have to pick up your kid from school and go for lunch with your friends and then again, have planned a dinner with your husband. It’s going to cause stress and you need to make plans to avoid such immediate rush.

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Do what you want to, once in a while!

Mental Exhaustion

Even if you are a new mom and you are so exhausted, you should get up and go out to rejuvenate yourself and experience some change. It is going to refresh you. Everyone needs a break from their regular routine as it will make you feel new again. Take a joyful vacation when you find yourself mentally exhausted and get set to have a good time.


Do deep breathing.

Meditation, yoga, deep breathing, etc are ways to cope up with emotional disasters in our life. You can imagine the positive place or a happy place while you do deep breathing. Inhale the green color (as it’s positive) and exhale the brown (being negative). There are other techniques as well which could help in meditation and then calm your mind. Say no to what you don’t want to do and live your life a bit peacefully.

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