We don’t grow in good times but in tough times. When the tough time arrives, it’s really hard to understand things at that time. Never take permanent decisions on temporary feelings.

We all trust God in our good times but when the bad time arrives we stop believing in him. Tough time teaches you so many things. Let’s take an example of a bad relationship as your “tough time.” Can you really learn something from your relationship/heartbreak? Well, Yes! You learn from the mistakes you committed in your previous relationship so that you won’t commit the same mistake the next time. Quit crying and Just thank God no matter in which situation are.

Here are five ways in which tough times make you a better person:


You Learn To Deal With Your Problems

Ways Your "Tough Times" Will Help You

Problems are a part of our lives. Without ups and down, we can’t survive. So during tough times we find out how to deal with our problems. You need to understand this that your problems are the plan of the God. God wants you to learn those things which you can never learn in Good times. Now I’m not saying that you should expect tough time even when everything is normal in your life. I’m just asking you to have faith in God even when skies are Grey.


You Become Spiritually Strong With God

During the tough times, you become spiritually strong with God. During the tough time, your faith on God increases, and it takes real courage to be mentally strong when the medicals reports are against you. But then a miracle happens and then when everything is okay you realized what God has done for you. Now you have become more spiritually strong just because of that problems.

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Learning From Mistakes

Ways Your "Tough Times" Will Help You

When there are tough times like a break-up; just grow up. Analyze the mistake that you made in this relationship so that you won’t commit this mistake in the future. Don’t just go through tough times but grow through it.

If you don’t learn your mistake from the past relationship than again you will commit the same mistake in your future and consequence will be the same.

Difficulty does not leave you until you learn from it.


You Become Strong

It’s true that “Tough time never last, but tough people do.” Tough time makes you very strong both internally and externally. Hard times are like a washing machine, they twist, turn and knock us around, but in the end, we come out cleaner, brighter & stronger than before.

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After a hurricane, there is always a rainbow

Ways Your "Tough Times" Will Help You

The tough time is only temporary it will go away sooner or later. And then you need to welcome Happiness in your life. And happiness is permanent in your life. When three door closes one perfect door will open for you, that will change your life. So in tough time instead of getting depressed, cherish those times as tough time will make you stronger than ever. After a hurricane, there is always a rainbow.

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