What Is The Value Of Writing Poetry?

What Is The Value Of Writing Poetry?

I ask myself a lot: What’s the value of writing poetry? Is it important for me to give up a huge amount of energy and time and devote my life to writing poems? After all, there isn’t a lot, if even any money in writing poetry. So why do I do it? Well, isn’t there more that measures value, other than money. What I’m trying to say is that often I would find these articles on the Internet that say poetry is dead, and there is no use of it. I have been meaning to write about the usefulness and value of poetry for a long time.

Now I don’t care if I get published ever. Life as I know, it has a new meaning for me, and I’m getting back to when I started out writing after a long pause from writing. I’m just writing because from the depth of my heart I feel like it. Communicating and sharing my little piece of the world with anyone who cares enough to read it. I feel grateful for finding something that I thought was lost forever, and not being erased.


Poetry saved my life!

how poetry saved my life

Poetry has helped me deal with a lot of heartbreak; it has helped me deal with break ups, grief and a lot of other negative feelings. It has helped me get into relationships amongst other things. In college, I went crazy with writing that I thought I burned out on it. I had convinced myself that I didn’t know a thing about writing poems, and I was a horrible poet. I went on to write fiction, which helped me to get some money. I was writing some poems here and there, but for most of the time, I wasn’t writing at all.

After separating with my girlfriend and my uncle dying, I felt like I had holes in my soul. After a lot of trying to push the negative emotions out of my life, what helped me the most get back on my feet was writing poetry. It helped me discover parts of me that didn’t make sense until they were written on paper.

I have shared about what it means to me. The way that it helped me deal with depression, isolation, hopelessness, headache, heartbreak, frustration, anger, and a lot more. It has helped me to recover and find myself and to be human. And that’s what I feel is the true value of poetry. Poetry can save your life too!

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Dragi is a blogger and a poetry writer at QuotesPoemsLove, trying to make the world a better place, one poem at a time. He believes that no matter what you do – it’s never enough, and you need to work on yourself no matter how good you are.

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