Are you feeling sad?

Are you not sure what to do when you are sad?

Then, my dear, you are not alone. Many people in this world are sailing in the same boat. It can really get hard for you to get out of such conditions. But it is not permanent.

None of the feelings that you face every day are permanent. They will change with time, and they have to change. You cannot hold them or stop them forever.

What To Do When You Are Sad?

But here is what you can do when you are really sad and come out of such a situation.

1. You need not to have to put down your feeling with just tears in your eyes. You can use ink and paper to put down your feelings. You are not going to keep these feelings with you, or you are not going to share them with anyone. So, you can just start writing without a second thought. This will help you in relaxing your body.

2. Maybe you can help someone at home or workplace. Yes, if your son or daughter is doing a school project, then help her complete it. If your friend is working on a blog, then you can help him/her with some suggestions.


3. Do not give time for your mind or body to get sad. Yes, you can just get involved in washing or cleaning things. When you are busy doing things, then you will not feel sad; instead, you will be able to complete some work.

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4. Start acting. When you know that there is something in specific that is making you sad, then you will have to start acting against it. You will have to make a plan and start working towards it. This way you can stay away from being sad.

5. Walking can keep you energized and boost your energy levels. There are many studies which show that exercise can keep you active all day long and you will not feel sad at all.

What To Do When You Are Sad?

6. Spend time in front of your Television. You need not to have to be sad when you are watching something that you like. At least one hour a day.


7. Dance is another good option for those who do not want to be sad. Generally, you will start feeling sad when you are all alone. So, when you are alone in public, then start listening to some music. If you are home alone, then you can dance yourself.

8. You can call your family and talk to them it is your family whom you miss and feel sad. You need not have to worry at all. You will not feel sad when you make it a habit of talking to them more frequently.

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9. Visit a beauty parlor and get to your pedicure and manicure done. You will not feel sad at all when you are getting a chance to pamper yourself.

10. You can help someone who is in need, like giving food to a person who has nothing to eat. This is how you will be able to keep yourself happy.

What To Do When You Are Sad?

11. Spend time with your close buddies, and that can never make you sad even when you are in a somber mood. The reason is that is the relationship that you share with your best friends.

12. Kids can be a good option if you have them at home. When you are spending time with the kids, then nothing can be much better than those moments.


13. One important thing that you need to do is get proper sleep. Too much of tiredness can also make you sad and keep you sad for a longer time. So, do not miss 8 hours of sleep.

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14. Just go shopping whenever you feel sad. This can help you come out of that mood and especially choosing girls and happy hours for shopping can be the right choice.

15. Ask for advice from experts. Even when you are just perfect in whatever you do, you may not be happy at all. That can be a mental problem, and only experts can really help you.


So, do follow the tips and stay happy always. Sadness is just a feeling, and that will not remain for sad for a longer time.