What to Do When You Hate Your Job

What to Do When You Hate Your Job

If there is the same thought in your mind every morning: “Oh, I cannot wake up … Oh, I hate the alarm in the morning … What day is it? Oh, I have to go to work … I cannot … Oh, how I hate my job, save me! “It’s high time to wonder what the hell you’re doing! I mean, why are you doing what you don’t like, what makes you sick can you barely survive? Why are you doing what makes you feel like going to the execution, not to the office?

OK, this is a completely rational question, but unfortunately, sometimes you have no choice. Sometimes you still have to work and you just cannot quit, and in that case, you really have to survive. Still, until something happens, here’s how you can survive this “execution”.


Use the law of attraction.

What to Do When You Hate Your Job

Try to visualize what you want, to think positively, and at some point, you will draw all the positive things you want! Try it! In relation to this, you can also create your dream-job collage, a collage of a vision of future life. Something that will help you focus on those nice thoughts, and with the help of photos from magazines that associate you with this new, better and more beautiful job, quotes that inspire and motivate you and so on.


Upgrade your CV.

I mean, if you have been working on this job for a long time, in the meantime, you must have learned a lot more, get your biography to represent you in the best light to represent you now. You must have something to add, and maybe you can extract the needless. Your CV really should look powerful because it is the first step towards a new job and your first encounter with a potential employer. Make the most effort to make your CV stand out from the rest!

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And then – look for a new job!

What to Do When You Hate Your Job

You surely must know where you can find a job, and you can also write directly to the desired company without a concrete contest. Who knows! Of course, be ready for that not everyone will invite you to talk with you, but don’t let it discourage you. Keep searching, it will somehow cheer you up and inspire you to think about a better future that is surely in front of you. And make sure to inform people close to you that you are looking for a new job because, if someone hears something about some job, they will tell you about it!


It’s a good idea to create your own site to present everything you know to do.

If you are a designer or photographer all your works will be there. The same applies if you are a journalist or a blogger, all texts should be on your personal site. Simply, you need something personal, and online. Something like a profile on LinkedIn, just much more detailed.

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What will also cheer you up and turn off the thoughts of a terrible job are some activities out of work that you can barely wait for and enjoy.

What to Do When You Hate Your Job

Courses, training, acquiring new knowledge and skills are a great thing to do when you want to work on yourself, to advance and develop in a professional, but also in a personal sense. And who knows, maybe some of that can help you in making money!


Find something good in every day.

It’s too hard, but you can try. You must have laughed about something during a business day. If you just saw a sweet photo of a kitty on a Facebook or had fun with colleagues. Write it on paper, put it in a jar, and when you feel bad – remember nice memories!

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Do a workout.

What to Do When You Hate Your Job

If nothing else, your mood will be much better when exercising and throwing out all the negative energy from yourself. There, let your training be an exhaust valve. Believe me, it’s a trifle, but it means a lot.

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