What to Do When You Miss Someone? After the breaking up, after you leave the “love of your life,” inside you is beginning to accumulate negative feelings. You lose the desire to live or you wanna be all alone. You are alienated from society so much that you stop dating and answer phone calls – nothing more wrong than this!

This type of depression is very painful. You have the desire to hide in a hole and stay there until the end of your life.”

Every day somebody leaves someone and passes through the breaking up. It is easy to fall in love – but it’s a much more difficult task to maintain a relationship. You need to control your feelings if you want to get back to normal.

The worst feeling following the breaking up is the feeling of the absence of a loved one. Here are some practical tips on what to do when you miss someone:


What to Do When You Miss Someone:


# Express yourself and accept unpleasant feelings (sadness, loneliness, emptiness, etc.)

What to Do When You Miss Someone

Instead of denying it (with whom you are actually increasing and maintain them), feel free to accept them and express. Cry, talk to trusted persons instead of running away, drinking, suffering, smoke or overeat. Expressing sadness eliminates the tension you feel. This is the first thing you should be doing instead of asking, what to do when you miss someone.


# Hang out, doing everything you do normally, but without being forced or exaggeration

Work and socialize as you feel at that moment, do not run up in work or elevated mood because this way only prolongs grief and loss overcoming. Do not withdraw from social life, be in touch with people.

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# Find activities that will occupy your mind and your attention

It can be some thinking activity (learning, reading books, surfing the Internet, etc.) Or some physical activity (sports, gym, yoga, etc.). It doesn’t matter which activity you choose, it is important to be something that you enjoy and something that interests you. By being active temporarily turn your “I miss him/her” thoughts to the thinking of some interesting and enjoyable facilities and you will remind yourself that you can enjoy when you are alone.


# Design your time so that your every day be filled with content

What to Do When You Miss Someone

Do not leave yourself an empty space for boredom and free time without content, because in such circumstances that people tend to indulge in negative, pessimistic thoughts, unnecessary introspection, critical self-evaluation and a sense of loneliness. Exactly in these moments, people fall into despair because they incredibly miss the person they still love. Fill your time as best as you can.

Design what is it that you can do during the day, including the obligation, everyday tasks, but also fun and socializing, make an exhaustive list of these activities and make a schedule of obligations. Try to do, those activities that you performed along with your ex now perform alone or with someone else, or simply find some new activities that will provide equal satisfaction.

When you wake up in the morning it is desirable to know what you will do today until you go to sleep. Do not leave a space for dark thoughts and analyzing the past.

Bring in some innovations in your life.

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# Do something new for yourself

Last thing you could do, if you are still wondering what to do when you miss someone. Something that so far you did not work, even if it were a small thing. It may be some small changes (eg, change your hairstyle, buy some new clothes, create a new arrangement in the apartment, etc.). Or some new activity (type in a program, Search for new interests, meet someone new, find some new place to go in, change society, etc.). The introduction of these innovations will make you feel fresher and more independent and will strengthen your position that you can spend your time quite well even if you are not in a relationship.


About when you are missing something or someone

What to Do When You Miss Someone

When you miss someone, it’s a feeling that is created from an abrupt break of the habit. Mistake, things that you truly, in the true and full sense missing are not habits, because habits create routines and frequent repetition of certain things.

Habits and routines are changing, those that are broken compensate for the other, new and quickly get forgotten. There is absolutely no missing. Material things you are never essentially missing. What you’re missing actually are emotional states, sensual feelings, situations, everything that you experience with one person, knowing that all of this the next time, even in identical situations, be completely different.

That’s the charm of life, we are aware that some emotions will never be repeated in this way, at this level, in this dimension…

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