What to Do When You’re Bored?

Boredom could be real torture while there are people who yearn to feel that way because of their hectic schedules. It is kind of important to keep busy not to feel the state of boredom as it kills happiness. It becomes tough to kill time, and it seems that it has stopped. You cannot sleep all the time and wander off to your dreamland, nor can you scroll Instagram feed which has people supposedly “enjoying” their life and not being bored. Well, it depends on your interests that what you would really enjoy doing when you are bored.

There are hundreds of Things To Do When You are Bored to stop being bored. But we are just listing the best ones. Here’s how you can turn “I m feeling bored” into “I am enjoying the day.” These twenty-three things are sure to pass your time, as well as make you happy at the end of the day.


1# Throw a small party

i m bored

Well, if you throw a party, you actually won’t be staying alone. But it’s a pretty cool idea, as you can enjoy the day. Call your friends and family who can be at your house, create a good playlist and then call up the pizza guy. Don’t forget about the coke though. If you did it right, you could have the biggest party in your home.


2# Create a photo collage

Pick up your photo album and go through the old memories. Now, take all the photos you like, and turn them into a photo collage. Remember? How creative were you during your childhood days? Create a photo collage or a wall frame just to check how much of your creativity has been affected as you grew old.


3# Listen to your favorite music

what to do when your bored

Instead of wondering what to do when you’re bored, simply plug in your headphones. Music can give you a great company when you are bored. Create a playlist of your favorite tracks and enjoy the tunes. If you are a music lover, it will suck up 5-6 hours of your time without you even realizing it.

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4# Call your Best Friend

Best friends are always there to entertain you, no matter how far you are from them. Just call them up, and talk about all the rubbish you want to. Don’t worry, friends never get angry. If he/she seems to be too busy to talk to you, it might be a sign that he/she isn’t your true best friend. (There are exceptions, in this case)


5# Watch your GF/BF’s old videos

what to do when bored
Doing so will bring up the perfect smile on your face. Sure, there will be some bitter memories too. But, it can help you to pass your time.


6# Go to the nearest supermarket

Getting out of your house will help you uplift your mood. You will be able to see new faces on the market, which will freshen up your mood. If you are lucky, you may be able to find a new friend there. (I am not kidding)

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7# Watch funny YouTube videos

Funny YouTube videos are a great way to enhance your mood. If you are bored alone at home, then YouTube will be one of the fun things to do at home. YouTube entertains people better than mighty TV as you have complete choice over the content you wish to see.


8# Shop online

Things To Do When You Are Bored

This requires you to have some quick bucks. Go around your favorite e-commerce websites and shop for new items. You can search for new shirts, jeans, new phones, or anything else you want to. Even if you don’t buy something, just browsing through the website alone will pass some of your time!


9# Read books

Reading books is one of the best things to do when bored. You will not only get some precious knowledge but will also be able to pass your time very easily. Who knows, reading books will become your favorite pass time once you start your “reading.”


10# Clean your room

The best thing to do when you are bored alone, especially if you are a boy. As a boy, we don’t think about cleanliness much but trust me; you will feel much happy and prouder than your mom after completing the task. If your room is cleaner than Google’s headquarters, first make it messy and then clean it again. After all, all you want to do is to pass your “boring” time. Isn’t it?

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11# Spend time with pets.

things to do when bored

If you have a pet, then you must not be bored. Play with them or take them out as they would die to spend time with you. Give them a bathe as hygiene is important for them as well. You could teach your pet a new trick or at least try! I remember when I used to teach my dog a few tricks and he seemed to be the cutest in the world when he obeyed.


12# Dance like there is no tomorrow.

Did you ever want to exhaust yourself just because you are bored? Well, dancing comes to rescue as it is a fantastic mood elevator. You can even learn a few steps online and dance to the beats of your favorite music. Even when I am home alone, I imagine that I am giving a performance on stage and it is super-fun. *loner, you say? I know.*

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13# Enjoy a relaxing bath.

Put the music on and take a long shower. If you have a bathtub, then bring in those bath salts and draw yourself a relaxing bath. It would be soothing and time would pass by quickly.


14# Create a video and upload online.

bored to death

You never know which video could go viral on the internet as YouTube is giving birth to stars these days and you could be one of them if you have something amazing to record. You could get fifteen minutes of fame, even if you don’t get to be a big star. So try it on!


15# Write a blog.

Reading is good but so is writing and having a blog is a nice way to reach out to readers to talk about any topic. Who knows how good you become at it? Start today and see where it takes you.


16# Have a makeover.

Decide that you want to change your look and start reading fashion related magazines or articles and collect ideas on what you want to implement on yourself. Maybe the new style of clothes or maybe change your hair?


17# Catch up on favorite soap operas.

Things To Do When You Are Bored

If you are hooked to a soap opera that you liked, several hours would be passed just like that. Have some snacks on the side, and download that show or watch online for as long as you want.


18# Cook a new recipe.

When you are bored, you need not order a takeout yet as you can look on the internet and learn how to prepare what you were about to order. Am I right? It might not be as tasty in your first try, but you will be proud enough with a new skill in your hand.

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19# Video games.

It might have been years since you last played a video game and they can be addictive too, but you can definitely kill your time by playing games. Although, keep in mind that you do not start doing it all the time, every day!


20# Start thinking of ways to save money.

Things To Do When You Are Bored

Find how you can save money as you might not be aware of the tricks that you can put into use to have a good saving in your hands. This way you can buy a new pair of shoes from time to time.


21# Start organizing your closet.

Many of us don’t keep our closet organized as we just randomly throw in the clothes when we are getting ready. Your closet need not look like a tornado hit it, and you can organize it well. You would make good use of your spare time, and it will feel good.


22# Read a novel.

Things To Do When You Are Bored

There is no better friend than a book. You might not be a book lover, but you can try page by page reading on topics that interest you.


23# Surf articles on the internet that spark your interest.

Just like you are doing right now. You might be aware of the other topics that you have interest on. The universe? Or the world? Maybe dinosaurs? It is always good to gain knowledge especially when you have nothing else to do.


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