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When things go wrong, we tend to give up hope. What we don’t realize is we would never be able to achieve what we want if we stop having a positive talk with ourselves. It’s the attitude we need to cope up with the daily state of affairs so that it could be easier to deal with setbacks. A failure doesn’t mean that we should never get back up, but we could only try once again if we have the belief in ourselves that we would win. But, who am I kidding; it is only easier said than done. Well, here are a few ways you can keep your attitude up.


Sit back and think, before you take any action.

Ways to Keep Your Attitude Up When Life Brings You Down

When a disaster strikes, we have a habit of cursing our life, “Why did this happen to me?”  Our plans get affected, and we are only left cribbing about the problems. When we react with this state of mind, we don’t solve anything but rather add more trouble. We hurriedly make decisions without thinking pros and cons and then regret it later. Try to avoid this from happening, by taking some time off to calm yourself and then facing the situation with a positive state of mind. This way you would use your strengths and do what best you could do.


Don’t focus on troubles, but your goal.

Obstacles are only distractions and to keep your attitude intact, you must focus on your goal. See what would come after you overcome all the troubles that exist. No journey is as easy as you’d want it to be. So, keep looking straight and keep your goal as your main priority. On the side note, you can figure out solutions for problems one by one. As they say, life is about learning how to dance in the rain and not waiting for the rain to stop.

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Think about the solutions and not problems.

Similarly, being positive is about figuring out the solutions instead of problems. When times are difficult, we tend to dwell on the problems rather than working towards the solution. Our mind is occupied by useless questions similar to “Why this happened to me?” or “How come it’s been so bad!” while you should think “How to rectify the problem?” Get opinions from people around you and spend time talking about solutions. Don’t crib to your friends about what happened but ask them advice on how could you overcome it.


Get some encouragement; the minute things go down.

When we start worrying, we tend to worry more each day. Which is why it is a good idea to connect with your friends who would encourage you to keep working on your goal. Read about successful people or pick up a good book. Spend some time rejuvenating, even if it was a failure. Then, it would be easier to start again with a positive state of mind. You’d power up your attitude after you experience something good in your life.

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Have a strong control over your thoughts.

Instead of focusing on what’s wrong in your life, think about what’s good. When times are low, you must count your blessings and feel happy about what you have. Not because it would make the problem go away, but you would attain some peace and satisfaction and get the courage to start over. You must know how not to let any negative thought trouble you. If you have the power to control your thoughts, nothing in life can affect you deeply.

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“This too shall pass.”

Good or bad, time never stops. Eventually, you stop caring and eventually it stops being the most important thing in your life, right? Even if the problem exists maybe it won’t affect you any longer. You would know that there is life beyond the current circumstances and it would keep you positive.

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