Leave your job to find a better-paid position? Definitely. Leave your job to take a great opportunity? Absolutely. Although you may not always be able to give up because you need the money, know some signs that will help you identify when it is time to start looking for a new job:


You lack inspiration and you are bored.

When Should You Leave a Job?

Remember when you started working in that place? Did you feel the passion and excitement every morning? Even if that wasn’t your situation, taking this particular job seemed to be a good decision because of the payment, location or opportunity to advance.

Now you are presenting yourself every morning boring, defeated and hopeless. Consider if you want to continue holding on this for eight hours (or more) from Monday to Friday.


You keep promising that you will leave a job.

Many people feel tired of their job and decide that they will give up once and for all. After a restful night, think about it and find out if you just had a very stressful day or it is something else. Instead of promising every day that you are going to quit, start being proactive outside of work by seeing in which company you would like to work and start to become the person you want to become.

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You don’t fit in this work environment.

When Should You Leave a Job?

Maybe you have a great job in which you earn a lot of money. Maybe you tolerate most of your colleagues, but you feel that you don’t fit. Sometimes there is nothing wrong with the job, but the company or the boss doesn’t agree with your values, ethics or personality. This is a difficult situation because another job may not be that different. Think about what would happen if you approached your superior and tried to find a better way to fit. If that is not an option or you cannot go to another department, it may be time for you to leave this job.


You don’t want the job that your boss has.

One of the reasons why you have stayed there is because your company promotes growth. Are you sure you want a management job like your boss? If you cannot stand the idea of being in your superior’s shoes, then you should probably think about getting out for other people to grow up with.

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You are not interested in products or services.

When Should You Leave a Job?

Forget the pay, position and all your colleagues. If you cannot get involved with the things your company sells then how can you succeed working there? Remember, companies love having employees who defend their brand. It’s not fair to the company that you cannot support it.


You have a terrible boss.

Sometimes all you need is a bad manager to come out the door. Why should you deal every day with someone who is demanding, incompetent, miserable, selfish, immature or controlling? Unless you are sure that this person is going to leave soon, maybe you should start looking for another opportunity.

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You don’t do a good job.

When Should You Leave a Job?

Despite your abilities, you constantly deliver things of lesser quality because you don’t have the necessary passion. Maybe you do this because the work is very difficult or because you don’t know the policies of the company. Regardless of the situation, it would be a good idea to think about looking for a different job if your projects are not on par with the others.


You are stressed, anxious and unhappy.

Surely there will be days when you will want to be at home resting and sleeping. But if that is a feeling that you experience often, there may be a problem. Possibly work is not always very fun, but if you are somewhat anxious or stressed about thinking about the things you should do, then do yourself a favor and get out of there while you can.

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They are not taking advantage of your abilities.

When Should You Leave a Job?

If they constantly promote someone else and not you, maybe someone from above hasn’t realized how talented you are. Instead of wasting your potential in that place, switch to another where will value and respect your work.


No matter what the reason is for wanting to leave a job, only you can determine if you should leave. Once you have made the decision to leave your job, be sure to do it in the best possible way so that you leave the doors open in case you ever have to return or require work references.

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