The temptation is the desire to do something, especially something wrong or unwise. When God created this beautiful earth Adam & Eve were the first human to born on this earth (Bible). And they were also the first one who got tempted by temptation. Most of us get trapped in this bait known as “Temptation”. The real problem is we all want to achieve success but without working hard.

According to me, Temptation is just like God taking tests to see whether we can resist it or not. And if we can resist temptation then, a lot of blessings will be heading your way. Drinking, Smoking, Drugs, Evil thinking, Lie & Robbery they all are part of temptation which you guys need to be aware of.



Things To Do When Temptation Knocks Your Door

This is the best solution when temptation knocks your door. Even if you pray for 10 minutes you can easily resist yourself from temptation. Prayer doesn’t change God, but it changes the person who prays. Make a habit to pray daily for 10 minutes not only tell God the things you want but also thanks him for what he has given to you. Whenever you resist temptation you are not only saving yourself but the people around you also.


Do Things Which Like You The Most

Whenever temptation knocks your door do things which you like most. If you start doing the thing which you like most it will change your focus from temptation. In this way, you can save yourself from doing any unnecessary sin. Guys you need to understand, a temptation is only temporary happiness & you should always focus on permanent happiness that is your Goal. Temptation only gives you pleasure for few minutes so always focus on permanent happiness.

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Things To Do When Temptation Knocks Your Door

They say music can heal all of your problems and in the case of temptation, music can also do the same. When temptation comes listen to your favorite music. Music is the best way t0 calm yourself from temptation. The thoughts of temptation only come for few minutes, listen to your favorite uplifting music and resist it effectively.


Talk to Your Colleagues

When you talk with your parent’s or with your best friends it can easily change your mood. Every time you resist temptation you are winning for yourself.

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Speak Positive Words

Things To Do When Temptation Knocks Your Door

“Don’t use your words to describe the situation, but use your words to change the situation”. When you verbalise anything the first person to listen to that is none other than “You”. You receive what you speak through ears so whatever you speak is directly going inside you. So when temptation knocks verbalise “I’m not going to drink”, “I’m not going to lie” & “I’m not going to smoke”. Words have creative power. Trust me.


Do Good Deeds & Go Outside Your Room

When temptation comes in your mind change your surrounding immediately. Walk outside it will refresh your mood and you can have a victory over temptation. They say Karma exists, anything that goes around comes around one day. So if you have done temptation in your past then do some good deeds. Doing good deeds not only will help the person that you are helping but it will also pacify you.

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